I'm Shadow.

I'm now living in the ******** States, i dunno what i am doing but we'll see.. wink

Other than that, i'm your usual european, and i may like all the weird European stuff you may have seen in movies
I kid you, i'm not creepy wink
I can speak english, estonian and russian (not fluently yet)
I want to learn spanish one day though, i love spanish!
There are people who like to read these about me sections ( I am one of them! I read through the longest ones too!)
So i suppose i should tell you some more, in case you're wondering.
I am 20 years old as of the year 2013, and i was born and raised in a small country called Estonia. Beautiful country,look it up on Google.
I have yet to see most of the world, but i know i will get the chance one day.
I have a feeling i'll be famous with something one day, so we will only have to wait and see what will happen. Maybe i'll start a Youtube channel!?
Music wise, i like everything but rap and hiphop, those are just..not my cup of tea. But most of all i like darkwave/alternative music.
I like to draw alot, but that's a new cool hip thing anyway,so i'm not special. wink
My gender you ask? My avatar is male, but what's behind this avatar.. you'll have to figure this out yourself, i'll leave it to your imagination.
I'll be whatever you want me to be wink A hybrid polar bear?! Yes, that's me.

All those people who actually read this and get this far, should comment my profile saying
''I am a big fat yellow goose and i like cheese.''
Seriously, i'm going to want alot of those comments. mad

I've seriously met some of the most amazing people here on Gaia, and i don't regret anything or meeting anyone,really..

I am a Forum Assistant here, and i work in the Forums,helping to keep posts in the right places and i will help you out with whatever question you have,

I don't like random friend requests though, i'd love to get to know you first
And i read every comment and message i get here, and don't ignore them, just sayingggg...
Also i draw art so ask me, ask me now, ask! wink

This is my absolutely adorable cat Mortimer!
And i love him to death (only if he didn't eat that much!)

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I quote - ''You are 1 person, out of 7 billion people, on one planet, out of 8 planets, in 1 star system, out of 100 billion starsystems, in 1 galaxy, out of 100 billion galaxies. You are in no position to have such a big ego.''

Best day on the 25th of august on zOMG.
I am there too. I started it with Vinny and Vesu. Love you. ♥




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Cheese is ah-mazing!

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I am a big fat yellow goose and i like cheese. Because why the heck not! smile

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blaugh hi

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Hi shadowwwww
How u been. I haven't really been around much. I miss u heart
I have discord. If u have it. I never log out.

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That's the nicest thing I've ever heard
Why can't the boys I like be as nice as u are :c

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Yessss you do!!!
It would make me so happy

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nothing rly, just been doing the summer event