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Bonzly Report | 09/15/2021 1:31 pm
Too much to explain in text. If you have discord, add me on there. My info is in my sig.
Bonzly Report | 09/10/2021 2:53 pm
I am doing better mentally. you?
Bonzly Report | 09/09/2021 1:55 pm
I thought you were on hiatus.
Yona_Babe Report | 07/22/2021 5:34 am
Huhu. Momentan eher nicht so gut. Meine Mutter und meine beste Freundin haben wegen einem Missverständnis Stress miteinander und ich sitze wie immer zwischen allen Stühlen. Kurz vor meinem Geburtstag ist das natürlich ziemlicher Mist. ich hoffe, es geht Dir besser.

Oh ja, mein Laptop bringt es nicht so und da hat es sich schon arg bemerkbar gemacht, dass der PC gefehlt hat.
Yona_Babe Report | 07/14/2021 9:04 am
Huhu. Ich war lange nicht mehr online. Ich hab endlich meinen PC wieder flott bekommen. XD
Sinister Dork Report | 04/19/2021 3:24 pm
Sinister Dork
You’re welcome:3
Sinister Dork Report | 04/18/2021 7:28 am
Sinister Dork
I love your avatar it's so awesome!
xNikko Report | 06/03/2020 10:55 pm
yes rofl thats mingming alright ahhaha. He was known for that and who would thought his face adventure time style would inflate this much lol. Im wearing one right now lol and the worth of this is 55-70T right now in exchange. its crazy lol. Yes yes guys falling for you and fighting over you is a mess haha but hey its not your fault being beautiful haha. Once this lockdown is over i might go on haitus again and ill be saving my pass somewhere so u wont forget about it haha. Do you still remember alex your bff. Im not sure if he still plays
xNikko Report | 06/02/2020 1:05 pm
huhu yes. I miss our other friends too like catmingming/dogawaw(cris) lol. If you check ainakuflorida, my gf back then was momoflorida and we broke up like 4 or 5 yrs ago. I have a new gf now that i met 3 yrs ago and her name is here is xLeyaaa. We've been together since august 2017 hihi. Yeah lol i was not so sure either why I started vending again but on my 3rd day of me coming bag to gaia, i tried vending and suddenly i saw a 145b double rainbow ticket and snatched it. I was like wow okay gaia. I took it as a sign so I did start vending again.
I remember you so good at vending too before and you never stop vending haha. I got my old things back and more than what i had before. Now ill keep saving and try looking for beemo, gunter thebpenguin and jake the dog as a quest for me to own one. After that ill be so happy and maybe just spend my gold on tickets and try some like the flaired up ticket. Oh also I remember you as the blonde queen in rally which U have alot of guys falling in line for ya since you got the looks haha
xNikko Report | 06/02/2020 5:42 am
i forgot my email and password on my old acc lol. And yes hahaha we used to hang out alot even in rally! Huhuhu its sooo nice to see a old friend in the past <3
I came back to my mule just 2 months ago in april. If it wasnt for lockdown I will not be here in gaia lol. I only had 3T on this acc but i vended my way up again biggrin

So what do you do now in gaia