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siyorie Report | 09/28/2023 12:41 pm
.`·.¸.·´ ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨ `*~*~*
Dat Bunneh-kins Report | 08/13/2023 11:27 am
Dat Bunneh-kins
Oooh, hi hi. Yeah, I remember that we used to talk when i was more active. So prob way back when i was around 17 or 18? I just log in now to occasionally check any messages people leave me. classified_jet
KyokoMomomiya Report | 04/27/2020 9:46 pm
Niceeeeee~ It seems really cool!
Hope your sleep schedule gets better!!!
Lol I did tell you it was the wrong month right? xd Can't remember, but the real one is on May 27~ Thanks for the kind thoughts though!
KyokoMomomiya Report | 04/18/2020 10:47 pm
LOL Nice! I saw the add for the new remake version as well, it looks pretty cool!

Same, I wish I could hang out with my friends not through video calls XD
KyokoMomomiya Report | 04/13/2020 11:29 pm
Second week of classes, already wishing that they will be over haha. Life has been pretty normal. Yeah, we've been in quarantine since last month.
How are you these days?
KyokoMomomiya Report | 03/31/2020 11:46 am
LMAO That's great, anime friends uniteeeeeee
I wish it was that easy to make friends lolol

Dang, hope your professors are okay
Just hope that things will eventually take a turn for the better soon
KyokoMomomiya Report | 03/24/2020 9:03 pm
There's too much drama making friends for girls than it is for guys I feel like rofl

Dang, wait, there's still classes you have to go to in person? I thought all classes went online?

KyokoMomomiya Report | 03/17/2020 10:20 pm
Not at school, unfortunately all the ones I've met are too busy or fake rofl
Dang, how's it been? My spring break's been extended and my future term classes are all online for at least two weeks
KyokoMomomiya Report | 03/14/2020 10:21 am
Lol That's how I feel with my major too, not many girls who I can talk stuff about to relate to emotion_facepalm
Aw noooo emotion_8c
Hope you and your family stays healthy and well during this virus!!
KyokoMomomiya Report | 03/11/2020 11:36 pm
Probably will LOL But it will all be okay!!
LMAO Y'all dudes got a harem rofl jkjk
Thanks emotion_kirakira
LOL That's okay, at least you're young on the outside emotion_awesome
Also, how is it going for you at your state? I know Washington is pretty hectic right now emotion_8c

Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) 'Odd Eye' MV


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