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`::..~About Me~..::`

My name is Celeste,
The first thing you should know about me, I am not normal!
My favorite color is purple heart
I talk to myself sometimes and I'm shy…
I love when people are themselves! So don't be afraid to show who you are! blaugh I don't wear fur (Because of my absolute love for animals) if you want to wear it I won't be mad. I'm random at times, I get yelled at a lot and space out. I enjoy video games, if your curious to know which ones just ask! (: I've always been kind of tomboyish and weird but hey it’s not bad. (; I don't believe I'm the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but a lot of people say I'm smart. I tend to change my mind often and get easily distracted. I am an artist I love to draw.
I am so grateful for the friends I have , I love them so much.
I'm crazy... Simple as.
It's taken me a while, but I've realized that people don't always mean what they say, and that actions speak louder than words.
I am one of the most random people you will ever speak to. I can be quiet but I am very observant. If you have something to say about me say it to my face, stab me in the heart not the back, mkay? My absolute favorite season is fall because I use all of my senses, I smell the wonderful pumpkin scents, listen to the sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet, see the beautiful colors everywhere and feel the feeling of touching that warm mug of hot coca. I love to lose myself in music, and express myself with art; some feelings are too powerful to be expressed with words. Anyway, if you have any other questions just send me a PM.



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Darkest Legion Report | 10/16/2016 9:37 pm
Darkest Legion
Sorry! Didn't see the comment till now a whole 7 months later but I'm doing fine how about yourself?
Yumpf Report | 03/27/2016 10:34 pm
I didnt do much, just hung out at home with the doggo sweatdrop
what about you? do anything social? rofl
Yumpf Report | 03/27/2016 7:46 pm
Thank you!! And Yes they are the best, so loyal and loving. Right now I'm just calling him Buddy but I really need to think of a good name xp Any ideas..?
Yumpf Report | 03/26/2016 10:23 am
Ahh.. well we arent dating anymore sooo.. x - x
But yeah sure! Id love if you drew my avi for sample art 3nodding
I've been good! My birthday just passed, and I adopted a German Shepard.. and well just everythings been going nicely 4laugh
What about you?
rnercury in virgo Report | 03/25/2016 10:50 pm
rnercury in virgo
Awee thank you!! I like yours too! The patterns and it's kind of geometrical somehow imo. You seem like a sincere human soul emotion_bigheart
Yumpf Report | 03/07/2016 4:36 pm
Where my new friend gooo crying
Yumpf Report | 03/05/2016 4:04 pm
Oh thats awesome! blaugh Yeah I heard the same thing, but I feel like it will be different because you take the classes you want to take, 3nodding

AND YES! Heres how to sum it up, Graphics of Bloodborne, The Atmosphere/bosses of Dark souls 1, The PvP aspect of Dark souls 2 and the Mana Bar from Demon souls emotion_drool If that doesnt sound amazing I dont know what will... 4laugh

How did you find me btw? xd
Yumpf Report | 03/05/2016 10:01 am
Yknow, life I guess..? sweatdrop
Schools almost out and just a few weeks till my birthday, which is cool I guess rofl
More Hyped that Dark Souls 3 is coming out so soon! blaugh

What about you?
Hows life?
Yumpf Report | 03/04/2016 7:12 pm
4laugh Hello!
Ebania Report | 02/19/2016 6:11 pm
You're so sweet! Thank you! emotion_hug


heart ::..:..::The funny thing about music is when it hits, you feel no physical pain::..:..:: heart


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