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Ko Schy's Story

    Hello Gaia. You may call me Koschy, Ko, Kouga, or any other variation of the name that you would like to bestow upon me. I am a 31-year-old mother of two children; my son Link, who is now eight years old, and my daughter Aerith, who has turned three years old this year. I have been an on-again-off-again Gaian since April 4th, 2004.

    When I joined Gaia, I lived on gifting forums. The main two were Give-a-Gift and G.I.F.T. (Gifting In Full Throttle). The people I got to know in these forums are some of the most amazing folks I have ever known.

    I have led some forums: O.M.G. (Open My Gift), Wish Upon A Shooting Star, and Starlight Charity. Most of the time, they fell through because of my busy schedule. Sorry!

    After I had my children, I decided to return to Gaia. I joined Ichigokazuki, Babyboo17forever, and Anatase Argent as we built a chain of gifting forums together. Here, I am home.

    You can find the links to our forums in my signature. heart

    Some of my favorite items:

    User Image

    User Image
    User Image

    Spiritual Blush (Amaranth)

    Bubbly Princess' Dreamy Gaze (Cool Blue)

    Fallen Wish (string)

    Firefly Catcher

    Swamped Meido Cafe: Kuu's Side (Mouth), Mercury's Moon Original, A Small Fading Light (Filter), Milady Godina

    I prefer Hermes moon over Mercury's Moon. It doesn't matter what Godina or Firefly I use. I love every variation.


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