Just Let It End... Please...


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Sigh, It just seem like no matter what I do, I always seem to hurt my friends and myself.
I am really trying my best right now but the pain is to much to deal with right now. TT^TT
Lets just face it... I will now and forever be a monster... that will never be normal... I just don't under why I am always in pain.. I am always nice and polite, but someone always injuried by someone and I injure them as well...
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Why Am I Always In Pain?!


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Are you a good boy?

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May Kazune Report | 08/21/2020 3:52 pm
May Kazune
Im glad to hear! Hope you are safe and sound during this covid time!
May Kazune Report | 08/13/2020 11:12 am
May Kazune
Hi, how are u ?
Eggplant-chan Report | 08/08/2020 12:23 pm
I'd rather take this to PMs
Lady Rosett Report | 08/04/2020 12:43 am
Lady Rosett
lmao yea im in ohio myself
Lady Rosett Report | 07/30/2020 11:50 pm
Lady Rosett
omfgggg xD thats so far from me rip
Won't be seeing that for awhile
Shana1415 Report | 07/28/2020 7:25 pm
whee Aww Thank you! whee
Lady Rosett Report | 07/23/2020 7:48 pm
Lady Rosett
ooo idk where that is *shoulda probably just googled it * lmao
Lady Rosett Report | 07/21/2020 2:30 am
Lady Rosett
Omfg that sounds amazing !
Lady Rosett Report | 07/13/2020 1:13 pm
Lady Rosett
Nope lol just working you?
Lady Rosett Report | 07/10/2020 6:06 pm
Lady Rosett
Ahh not everyone does uwu
I wish yewww luck !


[i:40fbe32fd8] I am Tobi-Kun...and I am mentally unstable...but,...[imgmap:40fbe32fd8]http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b89/miertje86/Anime Gifs Funny/Naruto-TobiDance.gif[/imgmap:40fbe32fd8]
Please give me some cookies or Love heart , I have been a really good boy![/color:40fbe32fd8]


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I miss her so much!