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kanekii Report | 04/20/2018 2:02 pm
thanks for the purchase! heart yum_puddi
Doc Arkham Report | 02/27/2018 10:18 am
Yeah once we get him in a routine it will all work out.
Thanks for asking. I really appreciate it.
Doc Arkham Report | 02/27/2018 10:01 am
He's not great. His pancreas never really kicked back in after surgery so he's now a full blown diabetic. He also lost of a ton of weight all in muscle so it's going to be a while to get that back.
I don't think we will be doing motorcycle trips this summer but maybe we can find something else.
Doc Arkham Report | 02/27/2018 9:39 am
Better to let friends have them instead of rotting in my inventory.
Enjoy it emotion_dowant
Doc Arkham Report | 02/27/2018 9:36 am
Awe thank you.
I sent you one of my dolls since I had an extra whee
Doc Arkham Report | 02/27/2018 9:10 am
Oh. lol Yeah it's been crazy. Hopefully everything is going well for you?
That stupid new dragon from the gatcha.
Doc Arkham Report | 02/27/2018 7:15 am
I don't think I'll be able to get it considering I'm not on much anymore. sweatdrop
Cleocatra Report | 02/10/2018 10:37 am
Only half way, I'm an enby razz

My avatar is always a boy nowadays tho, even if you see big boobs that's just an item
Cleocatra Report | 02/07/2018 8:02 am
Yay! biggrin
Cleocatra Report | 02/05/2018 3:44 pm
I enter when I like the events (I suggested the themed clutters :3c)

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