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Winter is here, and as the vibrant golden hues give way to the soft blues and icy whites, the mischievous spirit of winter, Jack Frost, is behind the transformation. But this season, the frosty air has a bitter quality...
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Jack lived for this frigid season, and he had immense pride for his artistry of ice and snow. Every year his beautiful magic transformed Gaia into a winter wonderland, and he was going to make it even better this year.
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Jack covered Aekea and Barton in fluffy white snow. Bass’ken lake he froze solid, and the Isles of Gambino he frosted in crisp air and ice.
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But as he approached Durem he noticed something was wrong. Where were the people to play in his snow? They were all sleeping, slumped over chairs and collapsed on the street. How could they appreciate this beautiful winter he was going to make for them if they were sleeping?
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Jack smirked and frostnipped one’s fingers. That would surely startle them awake, he thought. But it didn’t. He rolled them over to n** at their nose, and horror crept over him as he looked at their face. Their sockets lay empty, but their breath still fogged the air.
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Jack knew of this handiwork. He’d heard of a man who could lull Gaians into a dream with his golden sand, and in their sleep he would steal their eyes. The Sandman.
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Jack flew up above the skyline. He was going to find this Sandman and give him a piece of his mind. How dare he do this to Gaians? At the start of HIS season, no less!
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Frost barely dodged the dragon’s charge in time, but he was still blown back by a gust of air from its massive wings. He crashed through the clocktower face, landing hard on the gears inside.
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Jack heaved his body off the ground. In the shadows, a figure lurked. Jack squinted as the light coming in from outside glinted off of golden dust. It was the Sandman.
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Come out, Sandman!” Jack shouted. “I know this is your doing! Show yourself and fight!” “Very well,” the shadow answered, stepping out into the light...

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The Sandman wasn’t a man at all. Jack tried not to lose focus. “What was that huge dragon doing in Durem?”
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“Fafnir?” She smiled. “He is blanketing all of Gaia with my dream sand. And in exchange, he can pluck all the gold he could ever want off of their eternally sleeping bodies. Dragons can be such simple creatures.”
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And you? Such vivid blue eyes... you must be the Jack Frost I’ve heard so much about. How are you not affected by the sand?”
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Jack shrugged and smiled. “Guess your magic dust doesn’t work on me. But now I know I have to take down that giant glittering lizard.” The Sandman snarled and charged Jack Frost. “I won’t let you!”
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Their fight lit the Gaian sky. Never before was there such a spectacular array of frost and light. Sandman’s glimmering dust fell off her from Jack’s blows, and ice littered the ground beneath their battle.
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The Sandman, however, was relentless, and Jack (who is merely an artist, after all) eventually fell. “You cannot defeat me, Jack. All of Gaia will sleep... forever,” she cooed as Fafnir landed behind her.
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“You really do have such beautiful eyes...” the Sandman whispered as she grasped his face tightly. “They’ll make a lovely addition to my collection.”
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Desperation setting in, Jack ripped the blindfold off of the Sandman, throwing ice into her exposed eyes. Blinded by the ice, the Sandman recoiled and shrieked in fury. With Jack's last ounces of energy, he poured every remaining spark of Winter he held into the Sandman’s blindfold...
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The explosion could be seen from Durem, Aekea, Barton, and even Gambino, if you were awake to look.
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But as the snow and golden dust settled, the spell released its grip upon Gaia, and you woke up to one of the most magical and peaceful winters you’ve ever witnessed...

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You can't tune an ocarina. They're a flue like instrument and therefore doesn't have any strings.
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Prince ROME-ance
The Motorcyclist

Summer vacation and here I am, stuck in a cave. I go to a private school for upcoming pokemon trainers of all ages come there to learn and gain experience - if you have the money that is. The only pokemon I have with me are an unconscious Tepig and my Mightyena who can see in the dark about as well as I can; earlier I had counted on Ember's flame to light the way, but to many rock pokemon came and the further we went into the cave the stronger the pokemon were, and we just couldn't handle it, Bryer had a little more durability and has a little health left.

I tripped over another rock, hoping it wasn't another Geodude, and banged my knees into the hard stone beneath me once more; they had long since begun to bruise and bleed from the abuse. I heard the ground move behind me and didn't bother to turn around, I wouldn't be able to see it any way; I was about to give up and let the living rock beat me into unconsciousness but a loud screeching drew my attention. I had to cover my ears but I could fallow where the sound was coming from, it was coming toward me from the front but instead of attacking me, it flew over me and attacked the Geodude. I got back up due to the small spark I had seen and thought the Geodude might have actually been a Gravler and was about to explode, but then the spark happened again and I saw for an instant, a Zubat attacking a Geodude with its teeth. 'why would a Zubat attack a rock type?' I asked myself. Remembering that Mightyena knew roar still, I sent him out and gave the command. The Geodude scurried away in shock, and the Zubat flew back over my head, sending another breeze over me.

"No, wait! Zubat!" I returned Bryer and tried to look through the pitch black, I could hear the Zubat's screech, not like the angry one it had early, but the sonar it used to find its way around. I decided to fallow the sounds it made, after all, I was already lost and it wasn't like being lost in one part of this cave was worse than another. After a bit, the cave wasn't so dark, and then after rounding another corner, the light seemed to attack me. "THE WAY OUT!" I screamed and ran for the exit, but I stopped short and turned around, the Zubat that had lead me to the exit wasn't in sight, I called for it but it didn't come. I called again and I could hear wings flapping, I looked as hard as I could strain my eyes and then spotted the Zubat, one of its wings was making it slow; I assumed the Geodude had done it.

I ran up to the Zubat and reached up for it, it let itself drop into my hands and I lowered it back down to me and held it.

"Zubat, you helped me, so I'm going to help you. Just hold still."

I shifted the small creature so that I was holding it with one arm while I searched my bag for a potion or anything that could help. I found a potion that had been used and only about half of the spray remained, hopefully it would be enough. I sprayed it on the Zubat's wing and it instantly sprang back up into the air and started flying around my head, I knew zubat had a bad rap because they were generally weak and over abundant, but it came to my realization right then and there, that any pokemon given the training could be strong. So that was it, my mind was made up.

"Zubat, would you like to come with me?" I asked holding up a new pokeball.[/spolier]