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emotion_ghost emotion_ghost emotion_ghost
I watch cartoons and anime

I can play ukulele, bass, piano and acoustic guitar

I read fanfics and webcomics, a bit of history if I get interested

I love listening to music and drawing

I love horror rpg games, horror and animated shorts

I also love surrealism, animation and weird stuff
emotion_ghost emotion_ghost emotion_ghost

Tumblr: https://weirdagnes.tumblr.com/

Total Trash for Weird s**t

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Gender: Male

Birthday: 04/03/1995

Don't Be Afraid to Speak Up :)

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Pazoo Report | 08/19/2018 3:41 pm
You're amazing heart
Adrasteian Lostarot Report | 05/03/2018 6:27 pm
Adrasteian Lostarot
heart Ghost!
Kitti420 Report | 05/03/2018 4:36 am
I have bits from different albums that I really enjoy
Kitti420 Report | 04/29/2018 7:45 pm
Still somewhat of a new fan. Cirice is what got me into them, then I looked at older stuff and fell in love lol.
Kitti420 Report | 04/24/2018 7:00 pm
Ugh, Ghost <333 Been in the mood for them a lot lately.
holy funny mina Report | 04/24/2018 6:27 am
holy funny mina
thx too 3nodding 3nodding
truutee Report | 04/17/2018 5:47 pm
anytime blaugh
holy funny mina Report | 04/16/2018 3:08 pm
holy funny mina
Thank u too smile
Observative Falcon Report | 03/26/2018 8:57 am
Observative Falcon
You're more than welcome! Thank you for having good prices! blaugh
BloodyMurderSpree Report | 03/24/2018 7:29 am
Yeah I got it though back before they were REALLY big like they are now and unmasked it was back on the black to the future tour.

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Nishimiya Nyan

Nyan nyan :3



Tumblr account, I post my art there.
It's filled with different stuff, whatever I'm hyperfixiated to.
Beware lmao


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