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by accident, while working on my profile i deleted the list of those of you who had donated to me since i came back. If you were on that list, thank you a lot and sorry about that. I really appreciate all the help i've gotten

hiimbeary: Prideful Keymaster's Corruption
Therapy Needed: Sadistic Solar Phoenix
Tsundere puppy: Dark Merciful Doom
Shinadori: Venomous RoBoPunk
Shinadori: Mythical Shiny Miyu
Queen Knight Of Crystals: Yokai's Treasure, Venomous Sin of Envy and False Bloody Idols
Lady Shizika:Dark Galaxy Rebels, Merciless Interstellar Invaders, Royal Assassin
my little pogchamp:130K plat
iawt:10K plat
Lady Shizika: Dark Private Forces
(ppl that donated to my mega gengar quest, list is on journal)
Phayth Less: Mystical Feathered Horns
Hatter Haberdashery:Metal's Last Hope
Kaedehara Kazuha: 10k plat
suIIen cookiebreed: 200k plat
Ktoots: Flint May He Reign
x-Disasterology: Innocent Deerly Beloved
honeybunsss: May he Reign
Sujubeun: heart emotion_bigheart heart : to many to list, as she keeps adding
Is It Optional:Obscure Void Vessel, Smoldering Himbull, Dank Steamlord, Buggy World Serpent & Parliament Strong Boy Style
Studio Ghibli Tales: heart heart Shadow Spirit, Dusk Skull
bobloon: Distant Archdemon Stolas
princesskeirstenmarie:[Animal] Hyena Fur, The Bloody Surgeon

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