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Registered: 05/04/2015

Birthday: 07/19




Some call me horse, others call me noname, and horsew made it to the list of what people on Gaia call me. All are fine with me!

I wish I could tell you something interesting about me, but the truth is, I just like to enter avatars in Runway, dress up my avatar, and play zOMG! That, and I just like to have the day take me wherever it wants to.

Have a nice day, and thank you for looking at my profile! sweatdrop

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-october fallen stars- Report | 07/19/2023 2:05 pm
-october fallen stars-
Horsew!! Happy Birthday!
Nash-eoke_The Patcher Report | 09/13/2022 8:45 am
Nash-eoke_The Patcher
Noooo Horse =.^~^.= !
Safurina Report | 06/19/2022 9:00 am
Hello Horsew! I miss you! I hope you doing well in rl emotion_bigheart
Nash-eoke_The Patcher Report | 04/06/2022 2:24 pm
Nash-eoke_The Patcher
Horse you on ! !

Join me at Village Greens ?


Regds & Peace

Nash-eoke_The Patcher Report | 04/05/2022 12:57 pm
Nash-eoke_The Patcher
Hey it Vegeta the Prince of all Hunters

Join us at the Village Greens tommorrow with a Glock or and other gun . If it's not swords on Gaia it's umm ? Gunz Gunz Gunz .



I will update on the server tommorow , so keep an eye on Status or notices from the Meatbawlerz thread .

Regs & Peace



Nash-eoke_The Patcher Report | 03/04/2022 5:36 am
Nash-eoke_The Patcher
Hey horse how are you . Hope you been well .

Missed you =^_^=


Thanks to Addium I was able to get the Legacy Flash and Waterfox to work finaly . Had about four days of it dissapearing from the system on reboot . But I managed to sort that out , by setting it up to start each time my computer fires up . So now waterfox stays in the Dock at the bottom .

At lest it means i can use zOMG now without all the visual glitches , Aquarium works again and the various towns . Still the Flash bugs that were there since since last Dec tho .


Will be a Dev Meat on tonite ( Friday ) if you do come on . If not I am trying to get the Mid Week Mreatbawlerz up and running again .


Regds & Peace



Nash-eoke_The Patcher Report | 07/19/2021 3:52 pm
Nash-eoke_The Patcher
Hello Horse I see it's you Birthday today .

Hello i'm the Prince of the Fother Mucking Saiyan's . And i've got something for all of you ?

The D


Birth D Wishes .

What are you doing ? Thats my Bulmers ( Cider ) !
Nash-eoke_The Patcher Report | 06/12/2021 2:58 pm
Nash-eoke_The Patcher

I'm Home Horse . I'm finaly home.

As of today 12th June 2021 I finaly sorted the Adobe Air out on my iMac .

BattleAir ( Harman ) comes up and then the zOMG! log in window

It's been like losing a bit chunk of my life and losing many friends .


Your comments started me off , and then one thing led to another , download this and that . This moans and that moans .

But then I went into System Preferences on my compute ( apps ) and it finally allowed me to download BattleAir ! gonk


If it weren't for you I wouldn't have tried again .

( ( HUGS ) )

. . . .


Nash is finaly home !
Alsaeida Ao Report | 04/24/2021 10:41 pm
 Alsaeida Ao
Thanks for purchasing (◠‿・)—☆
veatrixs Report | 04/08/2021 1:29 pm
Thanks for supporting my shop! 3nodding

Maybe I'll buy these later :)

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