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Comment here i don't bite :3

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StarryAvalanche Report | 03/10/2018 9:09 pm
miss talking to u <3
Fresh Moxi Report | 02/20/2018 8:48 am
heart Your profile is adorable sweatdrop
moonlite dreamer Report | 01/27/2018 8:31 pm
redface Thank you very much! <3
Pumpkin Bell Report | 12/15/2017 12:52 pm
Aww thank you emotion_bigheart No worries! I was creeping up on your profile as well because yours is so adorable!! emotion_kirakira
Pumpkin Bell Report | 12/13/2017 1:56 am
Sorry for the random comment! Wanted to give you some love, and to also mention that your avatar is super adorable!!!! emotion_bigheart
JustAnotherRandomDemon Report | 11/15/2017 4:50 pm
JustAnotherRandomDemon Report | 11/15/2017 3:56 pm
Those faces get me every freaking time XD
JustAnotherRandomDemon Report | 11/15/2017 3:53 pm
Omg, October XD
JustAnotherRandomDemon Report | 11/14/2017 5:47 pm
-pets- ; u ;
JustAnotherRandomDemon Report | 11/14/2017 2:07 pm
Thaaaanks, Octo~!
My twin says that if I make her mad, she's going to get an elf on a shelf. Needless to say, I am on good behaviour.
I sexually harrassed Martini for you. I told him to get back here and love us, and, in typical martini fashion, he said, "LOL OK"

About this girl?

Hiya~ I am Chow and i've been on gaia since 2008.
I love food whee i can't help it. I also like anime, drawing, art, cooking and collect cute stuffs heart
I want to go to Japan and Korea one day so badly and that day will come some day!!!
What i hate are rude people.
If you treat me bad you already know what will happen next so don't even start. During the years on Gaia i've come to make very good friends.
I'm glad we are friends O U < and I wish you guys happiness !! <3
Gaia would have been boring without Kirio-Chan ,Miri, Umi, Maccaron, Mojo JOJO (JO), Auv, Eff, jj, Lina, Paige, Eien, Nina, miyumi, Deus , my younger brother ,oeuf,Tobi, Vikk and Deus. (P.s The order does not mean who i love the most. I love you all equally!!) yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi
I think that's it. Don't be afraid to leave a comment. I DON"T BITE > W <


The potatoes

Minzue on 03/17/2018
StarryAvalanche on 03/10/2018
Quantum Dragon on 03/08/2018

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