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Comment here i don't bite :3

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Aesthdeadic Report | 10/20/2021 4:06 pm
Aw hi! Thanks for the heads up! I don't know about The Solstice but I'll def check it out. I'm glad I've been checking almost every day, I'm ready for trick or treating lol. I hope you're doing well too! What's up lately?
Wizeria Report | 10/14/2021 3:11 pm
🐼User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
jj_11103 Report | 10/06/2021 2:18 pm
Thank you for buying! ♥
Wolven Bird Report | 10/05/2021 9:52 pm

I will not have a seat on the bus scream

Not today, Satan! Not even for a Scooby snacc!
Wolven Bird Report | 10/03/2021 10:19 pm
Starnyt Report | 10/03/2021 6:14 am
Nothing this day but Wolven's a forever food disrespector mad
Starnyt Report | 10/02/2021 4:05 pm
Bully Wolven more, for all the poor food that got destroyed, AVENGEEE!! burning_eyes AVENGE THEM!!!!!!!! burning_eyes burning_eyes
Lovecubus Report | 10/02/2021 1:32 pm
Hope you're enjoying your new Big Game Trophy! Thank you for shopping, and I hope you purchase from me again ^w^
sorikaro Report | 09/27/2021 1:15 pm
thank you for your purchase! heart
hr0 Report | 09/04/2021 8:28 am
Thank you for your purchase! heart yum_puddi

About this girl?

Hiya~ I am Chow and i've been on gaia since 2009.
I love food whee I also like anime, drawing, art, cooking and collect cute stuffs heart I am on and off Gaia and I am mainly on zOMG. (I don't play zOMG that much anymore, due to busy schedules in real life)
I love my friends biggrin Now enough about me! Tell me something about you!
Don't be afraid to leave a comment. I DON'T BITE!! whee

I do speak and talk with others but I don't accept friend request. Nothing against anyone but I am not online that much. I have so many friends on my friendlist that sometimes I go on hiatus and when I come back I don't remember them that much. I do not like this awful feeling to not remember who you are. Thank you for your understanding!


The potatoes

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Big Sister Reborn on 07/10/2021

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