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Well, you're a creep.. eek
My name is Gabrielle, I'm 27 and I live in Canada.
I love purple and all things that are cute and or fluffy.
gaia_angelleft Love me crazy. gaia_angelright

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amorremanet Report | 02/24/2022 1:01 am
Love your avi! heart
ChevelleRose Report | 11/02/2021 5:07 pm
I honestly have no idea what Steam is and I've heard of Discord but don't actually know what it is either. :/
Are those kinda like webcam/group chat kinda things?

Closet Ghost:
I caught it turning on the light to my closet! O__o
It was totally by chance too like sometimes it'll be on when I know for sure that I turned it off.
But anyways it turned on right as I turned around to toss some clothes and towels in my clothes basket and I seen the light shine out from under my door and the side of the door frame.

Due to my Reeces addiction I decided to wait till this month to make the orange velvet cupcakes, watched movies + fave Supernatural episodes(Halloween Town 1-3, Hocus Pocus, Shawn Of The Dead, Zombieland, House), made apple cider and hot chocolate, made a caramel popcorn ball(literally just a melted blob of caramel with popcorn smushed onto it but it lasted all day), pizza, played with my cats and dog(had to take my brother's girlfriend's furball dog walking and she flips/rolls around when I try to get the leash on then runs off), and I played on gaia(new event and trick or treating in shops and also runway+avie arena) + the Halloween event in Hidden City(comp game).

Also I just found out that I won 4th place in the Purple + Green Halloween runway!

What did you do for Halloween?
ChevelleRose Report | 10/26/2021 12:06 am
I'm saying this early incase I forget but I hope you have a Happy Halloween! emotion_ghost
Also how are you? I just realized we haven't talked in a while since like last month I think?
I'm just used to you being online alot since you got back on gaia and we became friends last December.
ChevelleRose Report | 09/16/2021 9:44 am
I know some would say it's thanks to a messed up sleep schedule but I do get around 7 hours of sleep so that couldn't be it. Idk I think it might be stress related but it's kinda getting better?

I'm a bit upset today though because my kitten has gone missing. :/
I think someone might've stolen her because she got too close to the road.
People have done this in the past when we've had kittens(probably because we had so many cats).
My mom had told me she didn't see the kitten all day and I looked everywhere for it. So yeah this sucks... :/

I'll have to track down that coloring book you mentioned cuz you know I love coloring books! lol I honestly have quite the collection and half the time I want to color in them but some of the pictures look so nice as the are that I end up with whole books blank. ^^;

I've never actually seen a groose before but we do have quail here.
My dad loves hunting too but only deer, turkey, and hogs.
I've never been into hunting but we both love fishing. mrgreen
Have you ever gone fishing?

I'm glad nothing was wrong with you and I hope everything goes ok with the next appointment! 3nodding

Omg I almost forgot to tell you about this bird I seen a few days ago!
Ok so I was outside watering everything(kitten was with me watching)when I looked up and seen some weird yet pretty bird. I've seen a pic online before so I recognized it but I didn't think they lived in my area. Ok so it's called a Grackle and it's all black and it's feathers get a blueish hue when sunlight hits it, likes to eat normal bird food, nearly the same size of a blue jay, oh and it has yellow eyes with a tiny black iris. I guess they kinda look like crows but not really because crows feathers don't change colors that I know of. And when I checked online to find out if it was male or female it said male. And the females are kinda the same color scheme as female cardinals.
ChevelleRose Report | 09/11/2021 5:51 am
This might be a dumb question but are you ok?
(noticed you status)
ChevelleRose Report | 09/07/2021 6:54 pm
Yeah I'm ok even despite my boredom and falling asleep.
Which is quite annoying/weird considering all the stuff I have to do.
But maybe that's why I'm tired? It's so weird because I'll feel energized but as soon as I sit down I fall asleep after like an hour or so. So I've taken to walking around and reading or laying down while typing. Which you'd think would make me fall asleep but oddly enough it doesn't? Maybe my chair is haunted or something. lol
Though I probably shouldn't laugh because I've had a computer chair that was possibly haunted before when I lived at my old house.
Still excited for October though cuz I can finally use my new Halloween pins! emotion_ghost
Also I noticed that the recolor app that I mentioned was taken down off of googleapps now charge money for it. :/
I also had to uninstall mine on my tablet because it wouldn't update it despite going to the website.

So what have you been up to?
Also I noticed your status this morning and was wondering how you're doing?
ChevelleRose Report | 09/02/2021 3:41 pm
Have you tried listening to any of the music that I told you about?
(I just read your status)
It should help if you really want it to. ^^
I suppose it's alot like meditating now that I think about it...

Or maybe you could try drawing or coloring if you're at home?
Mandellas are fun and apparently are not just circles!
Which is trippy to think about considering I went through a whole phase of making shapes with random patterns just for the heck of it.
Novatechfx Warrior Report | 08/17/2021 6:25 pm
Novatechfx Warrior
It is an older profile and i change my avatar at least once a week lol donations are always accepted as well
ChevelleRose Report | 08/17/2021 8:50 am
Thank you! mrgreen heart
I love your avie as well since you used my fave color. 3nodding heart
ChevelleRose Report | 08/13/2021 12:40 pm
One of the hummingbirds here was chasing a few around so maybe it's a female too?
I remember it was raining one day and after it stopped I went outside to pick some veggies and seen these two baby birds on a tree limb by the hummingbird feeders. So I was all 'aww so cute...' when one's throat started glowing red and flew off to drink from the feeder. I guess when they get cold or wet their feathers change color like a lizard's scales.
But anyways it was cool yet weird because I've never actually seen a hummingbird not buzzing about. Ooh I just remembered this one green hummingbird that likes to fly around then hover around to watch people. It's super pretty but idk if it's a male or female. Also last year there were atleast 10 that would visit in the afternoon till it got dark because of my ginger lillies. They also like hibiscus and these purple flowers I don't know the name of.
They grow on tall dark green stalks with long thin leaves and the flower is a violet purple.

I just googled that description and I think they might be Mexican Petunia Ruellia Simplex.

Oh wow the Steller Jay is really beautiful! surprised
There are always a few bluejay pairs here and cardinal families.
This summer there were two pairs of these and one of the bluejays would chase off the cardinal male or female from one birdfeeder then when the cardinal would eat from another it would chase it off from there too and then go back to the first one to eat. -__-; lol
There are also 3-4 brown doves that come to visit and pretty much lay on the food and est like half of it. Ugh. lol It's cute when the lil brown finches(personally they remind me of fudge rounds due to the coloring) do this but annoying when the bigger birds do it cuz they scare off all the smaller birds. So I had to get more feeders to avoid this but the doves and cardinals know how to share so it's ok.

Sometimes I'll see baby cardinals that are kinda grown up(their feathers aren't fully colored as a female or male yet) but still do the baby bird thing where they chirp and have their mouth wide open to be fed. lol

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