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Gramps's Journal

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Grandpajones' Mindless Rants, Want To Read Them?

This Journal will be some thoughts that I have now and then......


Not in love .................10cc

I'll always love you...

well, I am a real grandpa I am 72 years young, I got started on gaia because of two of my grandkids, I have been here for a long time and they are not here, cry but I am still here. My interests are racing anything with four wheels, cars, fourwheelers, mowers, go karts.

I cook do dish's, mop floors and do wash, vacumn like everything....Mow 4 acres every week. I need a vacation haha sounds as if I am complaining but I am not.

I have 5 kids, 16 great grandkids and 14 grandkids, yes thats a lot. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a wonderful day

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Malicious Mustang Report | 10/20/2020 4:07 am
Malicious Mustang
Hey! 3nodding
Charming Sentry Report | 10/17/2020 2:14 pm
Charming Sentry
I miss our convos you were the best gaia user!
Hope you're doing well!
Madanka Report | 04/24/2019 10:24 pm
I hope you're doing well wherever you are now.
Angelina-ballerina84 Report | 04/16/2018 5:53 pm
Hey gramps,how are you?. Hope all is well. As for me I’m in a Bermuda Triangle right now and I hope you can pm me when you can so I can explain to you what happened.
tiggymewmew Report | 03/11/2018 8:02 pm
Hey, haven't seen you on in a while I hope you are okay. Sending prayers and warm thoughts. Take care.
icywind1980 Report | 01/17/2018 1:53 pm
Hi Gramps! I'm back on Gaia again. How have you been? Miss talking to you!!
Angelina-ballerina84 Report | 12/22/2017 1:36 am
Hey Gramps,I hope everything is ok with you. I haven’t heard from you on a pm on here that’s why.
Angelina-ballerina84 Report | 12/20/2017 5:48 pm
Hey gramps,how’ve you been?. How’s your holidays so far?. How come you didn’t pm me back on here on Gaia?. sad
shywolf110 Report | 12/08/2017 8:35 pm
hi there...can never catch u on this thing,lol
shywolf110 Report | 11/04/2017 10:21 pm
hey,heres my email...wsusan671@gmail.com...we have to chat one day..sure hope mu guys are well