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About me:

Age: 32

Gender: Demigirl

Pronouns: She/Her exclusive

Sexuality: Demisexual & Polyromantic

Status: Lovingly Taken by Uriel Regent of the Sun~.<3

A Quick Introduction:
Please just call me Mantis. So you wanna get to know me right? Ok, here's your free introduction!

I'm a pretty chill person who enjoys roleplaying, making cute avatar designs, playing video games, doing tarot readings, lurking threads, cooking, cosplaying and befriending cats. My favorite genre for all things is horror and I'm always looking for the next big spooky title. I highly prefer psychological horror, body horror and slasher films over all though.

I suffer from severe agoraphobia which means I'm too afraid to leave my house. For those curious yes I am in therapy to treat it and I'm hopeful for the future! I'm a pretty anxious person in general so if I ignore you in a thread I promise I don't dislike you I'm just socially awkward.

There's your free preview of me! For more just feel free to engage me in the forums or over private messages. I haven't bitten anyone yet, haha!


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I adore this sweetheart and his precious smile, a perfect boy.

Lovingly Taken // Dorodere // Anxiety Incarnate // Dangan Ronpa Fanatic // Actual Marshmallow


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