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i'm kinda mentally broken these days ...

i might not be online for awhile.

if found, please hug.

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Tuaiq Report | 02/22/2018 7:39 am
̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅̅¤̵̶̷̸҈҉͇̿͏͓͓͇̺̪̥̳̻͇̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̊̊̄̅̿̍̌̅̽̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̚ ̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̻̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̪̺̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̻̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̻̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̪̺̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̻ ̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̪̺̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̻̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̪̺̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̻̩̩̩̪̺̩ ͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛ ͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇♡̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̭̮ͫͧͨͫͧͨͫͧͨͫͧͨͫͧͨ ̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀● ᴖ ̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̪̺̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̻̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̪̺̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̻̩̩̩̪̺̩̩̩̻̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̻̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̪̺̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̻̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̻̩̩̩̩̩̩̩̪̺̩̩̩̩̩̩̩●•.̼̬
BloodyLovely Report | 02/22/2018 5:47 am
Ohh...that. I'm desperate for the Senpai's Grace item and wrote the user that created it to ask if they had a spare. They were very kind but do not have any extras. Nope. Neither one of us have been able to locate any more of those speech bubbles. I think it became more popular than anticipated. Gaia needs to re-release them soon. I want to be able to notice my kouhais. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
I've become obsessed with collecting speech bubbles. I want one of them all. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
BloodyLovely Report | 02/22/2018 5:14 am
Then I sent too early. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. There was zero message in that.
My mind was just 'Get this captcha out the way.' mode.

That's cool. It's been around longer than I realised. Or time is just passing by quickly for this old man. TwT I think if Gaia did it like you said, it would go by who initially bought the item with GC rather than just who has one in their inventory. Like if the user bought the item out of the cash shop all the recolours to follow would be discounted to them. I actually think that would encourage more people to buy items and could actually bring in more money for them in the long run. Now for others who only buy second-hand from the Exchange or the MP, I have no idea what effect that would have on the price. I don't think all that many sellers would price it lower because..well, greed. XD I do love how Spinami has made items in various shades tank so low that they're available to all for absurdly low prices. However, at the same time, I hate that. I think they're making items devalue to quick to be healthy. Some items are now not even worth 1p. They should only switch out the items on the wheel weekly or bi-weekly. It would give items time to sell and retain some value while still keeping the price from soaring. I always wonder who they have doing their marketing and why someone in the field can't come up with the mos logically simple solutions. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. I do believe Recolour has spoiled you. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Well, if it wasn't a tier item from before that grandfathered clause it'll be re-released and should drop some in price. Maybe it'll be affordable then.

That won't do. *ties you to a floaty* No drowning in the toxic ocean. I used to feel like that at times, then found some quality people and tend to stick to them like a koala. I've found it makes a difference. Regardless of what people say, find good people and sticking to them...with rare ventures into other people can be healthy. Just like telling all the negative people "f*ck you!" and moving on. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. I try not to dwell on all my negative experience both online and off because if I did, I can guarantee you I'd have committed suicide before graduating high school. My life is not pretty, but the good people in it and a hope for better later make giving it effort worth the try. 3nodding Find the good and hang with them. If others splash their toxic puddles at you deflect that sh*t and leave their presence because they're not worth your time.
Nuh, you made sense but if you need rest, get it.

I had a good one on my very first post. Think I took a screen shot. It just went downhill from there. My fortune with guys was always hilariously sad...and the ladies kept making me pay for every damned thing. I was like a used Sugar Daddy. rofl I'll eventually go back to see if I can still read our fortunes. I thought they were quite entertaining.

BloodyLovely Report | 02/22/2018 4:56 am
No problem. There's another message coming after this. I just blundered my reply earlier.
BloodyLovely Report | 02/22/2018 4:41 am
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. *huggles*
Sorry for the late response. I honestly didn't notice it buried in all those event notices. Just saw you online and decided to check in on you...then noticed you had already responded to me. emotion_facepalm
-II- Shadowxd1 -II- Report | 02/21/2018 9:26 pm
-II- Shadowxd1 -II-
no its fine lol
-II- Shadowxd1 -II- Report | 02/20/2018 5:42 pm
-II- Shadowxd1 -II-
lol it's ok
-II- Shadowxd1 -II- Report | 02/19/2018 10:21 pm
-II- Shadowxd1 -II-
Ryuji Shikamoto Report | 02/19/2018 8:00 pm
Ryuji Shikamoto
I know the feeling. I try to explain Hatsune Miku to a couple friends but then end up going all "weeboo desu ne nerd mode" and explain the computer program series in the process. (the history bit but not on how to use it...unless they're that curious lol.....)

I was wondering do you have a discord account? if so, I was thinking we could talk more on there? :3
BloodyLovely Report | 02/19/2018 7:15 pm
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. *snugs forever*

I really did like that individual pose thing Solia has. Might be where the Recolor.me creator [isn't that just Tekton?] got the idea. Though that would make things cost more in the long run. If an item has 8 poses and you wanted to colour each at 49 cents [because I couldn't see Gaia charging less], that would come out to 392GC. Most items now run more than that and if I remember correctly, for Solia they charged around a dollar something for each. Which is why I doubt it would be less than one dollar. Recolor.me's recolouring doesn't sound good for the company at all. Sure we'd benefit but how would they pay their artists? Cover the cost to run the site? I also assume that their community is smaller and thus less issues as a whole.

Ah, well. Sounds like you've had a run in with a bad crowd. I call people like that toxic and avoid them the minute they prove to be. Don't dwell on them. Just move on. Eventually you'll find like-minded and kind people. It...well, it just seems to take a lot crappy encounters. Like checking every clam in the sea for a few pearls. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. If it's any consolation, I've been around this site for nearly 15 years and still only have a handful or two people of whom I'm close with. Yes, that includes you. It's just hard to connect with most some people. My point? It's not you.

Yeah, I've noticed a lot of the quoting come from people not cutting out any extra names past the specific person they're doing a fortune with. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
I'm still getting quoted every now and then, but I expect it since I posted in a thread that stated to quote all the people in it. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. I only check them occasionally because I want a really good fortune. Of which has not been found yet.

Where are you from?

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.