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ok relax Report | 05/14/2024 1:48 pm
ok relax
where are you moving too because my move is basically over 2000 miles
Dampyr Boy Django Report | 04/08/2024 8:07 am
Dampyr Boy Django
You're welcome and thank you! smile
Mimzy Report | 04/04/2024 9:26 am
thank you for selling! heart
Alsaeida Ao Report | 04/03/2024 10:17 am
 Alsaeida Ao
You're welcome and happy lunar new year to you
The 13th Professor Report | 03/31/2024 7:48 pm
The 13th Professor
Your level of skill shows just how hard you work! It deserves to be appreciated!
The 13th Professor Report | 03/28/2024 7:40 pm
The 13th Professor
Your art is awesom!
ok relax Report | 03/27/2024 7:23 pm
ok relax
That’s how I feel bc of the new banner 😭 but thank you 🥺
ok relax Report | 03/27/2024 5:26 pm
ok relax
i saw you updated your avi and its so freaking cute and festive stop i love it!! <3
Asalow Report | 03/26/2024 12:26 pm
Awwweee no problem at all ;D
koremew Report | 03/23/2024 9:56 pm
ty smile ))


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Hello! I'm back!

Welcome! emotion_kirakira
I am back on gaia after 10 years of inactivity, I'm basically starting new and would love to talk, a few things about me;

I am 30 years old
I am working on a tattoo apprenticeship(currently working an 8-5 though)
If you would like to commission my art please leave a comment or Dm me!

I'm trying to make Gaia Gold I mean Plat?? That's new.

DMs are always open! I love making friends, and I would love to talk! heart

Samples of my art!