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Skype: Abbygrace12
Insta: abbygrace_bonbon
Snapchat: Abbiferizzle

add me bitches <3

music! yey!

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yeap, im one of THOSE

im one of those kind of people. that no matter how much you hurt me, make me cry, or shatter me to little itty bitty pieces. I'll always be there to help you when you need me. All you have to do is call or text, and your abby will be right there with open arms and ears. She never judges, never loses her cool, and will never ever hate you. sure to some this may be a flaw, but hey, someone has to be this way :3

Pictures :3

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arnt we cute? :3

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haha me and crazy. being awesome

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my two dorks x3 arthur and pedro. yeah, we rock. we know x3

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me and Frost x3 he's awesome. you'd love him

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nathan biggrin my stripper buddy

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stripper clan biggrin

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my Tatsy and my Sophia :3

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thats my Vance :3

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my Charles <3

Welcome one and all~


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yes, welcome one and all, this is Abbyland. a place where Abbys roam free and enjoy their lil lives~

book of faces?

reasons for my insanity
read about Abbyland ^^^^^

A pixelated abby owo

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Last Login: 03/17/2024 6:15 pm

Gender: Female

Location: somewhere ........ gee i even wish i knew :XD

Birthday: 07/12

Occupation: professionl abby

Ninjy <3

My hero is my friend, Abby. Abby is heroic because she only ever wants to help her friends. She could be heart broken, depressed, and still want to help out everyone she knows. Saving people from sadness is what she's best at. You can be the most ungrateful person and Abby still won't get mad at you, she'll just try and try again until you’re smiling.
Abby is thoughtful, if you've done something wrong she won't tell you that you've done badly. She'll suggest ways for you to fix the things you've done, then she'll say things to make you feel better. It's impossible to not feel safe with Abby; she cares about her friends like they're her whole life.
Most thoughtful, kind, people aren't very fun. That's never the case with Abby. It's impossible to be bored with someone who intends to steal the moon with you however silly that may sound. Abby makes life more fun, her mind is a wicked wonderland full of endless surprises.
There are so many amazing qualities about Abby that I can't help but admire. She never gets mad, the way she controls herself even in bad situations is highly admirable. Even when things go bad, the worst feeling she gets is depression, never anger. Her heart must be made of steal to withstand any pain she goes through.
Anyone who's ever met Abby can probably say she's their superwoman
Drew this for me :3
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Friends :3

these are my friends, and trust me they mean the world to me.

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Christine :]- you're such a wonderful person :3 and i love it when we hang out, the crazy adventures we've had, and us walking waving ot passing cars xD awesome man.

Mandie :]- i love the days we get to chill and just tlak. or go to the park and swing in the thunderstorm, singng about songs of random peoeple we know :]

Buggie :]- i love your nickname, it just fits you too well. you're also aodrable, just to let ya know, but i love our talking time and also the days where we would sit and make random jewelry cause we're that cool.

Pollywollyoraus :]- your name is 3 times longer than your real name. thats just how awesone you are. you're also a sweet and cute girlie and you're fun ot be with.

Hannah Bo Nana :]- yes this is your new nickname. you're os hyper and fun, it makes me smile ^.^ just thought you should know.

Holly :]- ahah thanks for all the rant sessions, and thank you for turnig both our minds inot gutter holes xP but it was fun

Ivy :]- i love you're art skillz, they're beats man. i still have that eye picture you photoshopped me as well. i'm keeping it forever. you're amazing brosaphine :]

Kelsey- i havent seen oyu in forever. we need to chill again soon. and i still remeber meeting you in summer camp. haha oh those dyas xD

Jeff :]- you silly korean, i miss the days when we would just hang out and chill, we seriously need to do that again. or i will cry. i really will

Kevy :]- haha you're cool man. and going ot that vegetarian resturant with you was fun. but i think making you smell insecense with random sexual names was more fun xD

Ian :]- kid, you're aweosme and always make me feel better. i hope you feel better soon bud :]

John- you added me to your prof, so imma add you here. you're a cool kid, and we always have fun talk. and i'm sorry i changed my name on you, but hey you found me xD its all good broski.

Pedro- feelspecial, you're here xD hiiiiiii broski!!! i cna def say you're my best gia friend. y me encanta hablar en espanol contigo. ^.^ beleive or not you're actually helping me up my spanish grade xD y te amo mi amigo ^.^

Arthur- feel better? you're here x3 you're a fun guy to chill with, and we def have the same music taste, and im glad i got you hooked onto demon hunter xD i also love how you always come and find me when im in towns xD its always nice to see ya.

Aaron- yesh, you ish awesome x3 you're a sweet kind and zOMG is always fun with chuu :3

NINJY!- i dont know why you werent here earlier, but you are now :3 and honestly you're amazing. you have such a big heart and a fun personality biggrin it always makes my day to see ya happy ^^ smile one my dear~

Soma- or austen, whichever you may prefer. but you're a sweet heart ^^ you;re also alot of fun to talk too. who also happens ot like booty alot. hehe ^^ but yes, i wovels you too and i hope we keep chatting ^^

Tatsy- TATSY! squue~ i wuffles you :3 you're such a sweetie,so sweet you might give me diabetes xD anyways, i enjoy talking ot you, and joining you in towns is always a blast ^o^

Vance- did i tell you how much i love your name? its unique just liek you :3 you're always so easy ot talk too, and i love how we had a 10 min pregnancy xD

Sophia- i love you Sophia :3 you're always fun to be with, and i love how you and i smack man butts to gether sometimes xD

Honey- i love you honey :3 you're always so cheery and hyper x3

Nathan- oh my, why werent you here ealrier? Dx well first of all, i love how you eat babies with me. although you prefer them in stew <.< but over all youre just an aamzing person ^^ i alwyas enjoy talking to oyu :3

Hannars- yuo're a sweety, and you are very pretty girl o; you should be proud of yourself. you have a good heart and a determined mind ^^ and oh yeah, keep rocken that hat biggrin

Connor boo- This boy is the sweetest lil thing. he has the most gorgous blue eyes and always knows how to make me smile. he always gives me cuddles and he makes me feel less lonely during the day. so precious <3

Charles- my long last town perv! gah how i missed you xD im so glad we met up again and that you are safe and healthy <3 towns is so much more fun with you around. we need to go on a butt smacking rampage someday together :>

add more later <3 wanna be here? just sya and i'll add yous :3


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Lady Dunraven Report | 10/17/2019 1:58 am
Lady Dunraven
Figured I'd stop by since im on for once in a blue moon. and say that I still remember you.. and think about you sometimes. I hope everything is going well for you~
Ramenbombs Report | 09/17/2016 11:20 am
RubyRevolution Report | 09/16/2016 8:24 am
I came to stalk you on instagram ;D
Ramenbombs Report | 09/11/2016 6:10 pm
RandomUser589 Report | 07/29/2015 8:57 pm
im good just chillin on gaia u?
RandomUser589 Report | 07/03/2015 6:41 pm
how you been?
RandomUser589 Report | 05/26/2015 8:22 pm
Hey again :3
RandomUser589 Report | 05/09/2015 9:49 am
howdy biggrin
RandomUser589 Report | 11/04/2014 7:44 pm
good too just trying to make gold taking forever tho xD
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lol anyway how this fine evening xD

Basic Stuff

Name: Abby
was born in 1993, you do the math <3

atm, i am going to college to get my associates in biology and will then climb the ranks to become a forensics pathologist. I am very easy to get along with and enjoy hugs. <3

So there is something you should know.

as an abby who is 90% love and 10% whatever elses fits, she can never hate or be angry for very long. she alwys forgive. To an abby anger and hate are a waste of passion when it should be converted to love and peace <3 but yesh. just thought you should know <3


I am an Abby
I have insaomia
I love ot babble <3
I love talking ot people
I love radnom comments. pm's, you name it
I would go insane without music.
I am random to the extreme.
I love meh friends :3
I have a strong personality (i guess)
I like ot meet new people.
I have a weird eye color.
I cant type to save my life.
I am weird
I love yous <3
I love bath and body works
I listen to heavy metal <3
Iam a headbanger
I can have a sexual mouth. (haha there ya go)
I have aim and msn
I have the weirdest eyes you'll ever see
I love bilingual people. they never cease to amaze me really.
either way, there is my warning. enjoy heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart



Me and my Enrique <3


So i make jewelry :3 and imma start selling on etsy soon, and when it is up, i'll post the link to my store here:

-link soon to be-

but you can see what i do, by looking here 8D


Everyday i meet new people, and see such wonderful faces. and 9/10 they have a wonderful personality ot match :] But to every good there is a bad, and i met people who's personalities make me wanna cry. But its also a shame ot judge a life you cant change. so i wont judge you, so dont judge me, and we'll get along great.:]
Ad Astra83
Meli Milk

Drawn by NightsNoctis83 :3 ty ^o^ <3

My Rukia made me <3 jealous? ;D