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Hi! smile Im a fun person who plays stuff like gaia to get away from the troubles of RL. I'm a pretty open person so if you have a question just pm me! ^^


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Blake Byron Report | 08/05/2018 3:20 pm
Blake Byron
I love Overlord
I Had Dreams Once Report | 11/15/2017 5:44 pm
I Had Dreams Once
I'm alright just working on commissions and listening to music, what about yourself sweets?
Le Purrr Report | 08/15/2017 3:55 pm
Le Purrr
Hi Hi ^.^ *glomps* hope things are well, been hanging out w maui on different avi's lol.
Maui Remedy Report | 07/26/2017 8:29 am
Maui Remedy
pretty good day, some day's i'm all bla but no one is perrrrfect as fire would say hahahaha heart hey man i forgot how to play zomg razz
Le Purrr Report | 07/25/2017 1:24 am
Le Purrr
Always ^.^...but now it should be easier with my me showing 'on line' I am back and fourth and up and down between my 7 avi's...its fun and i love playing Lake Kindred on l NightFire l. I will try to check my profile more often. Hope ur doing well, stay awesome.
Maui Remedy Report | 07/17/2017 1:54 am
Maui Remedy
hey man this zomg i forgot how to play it hahaha what the flup up man come chat with me
Le Purrr Report | 06/30/2017 12:59 pm
Le Purrr
Sorry Keep i was sick on Fathers Day :/. But if i'm not on here hit me up on NightFire XD. I'm bringing her back to her former glory biggrin DD. No more me running from the past i'm having fun in the present ^.^...I still love this site and its fun to play high, lol. Glad u have a gf and are doing well *hugs* you deserve it, your pretty awesome ^.^
Le Purrr Report | 06/17/2017 8:47 pm
Le Purrr
Because i'm different then most...but thaz okay they kno me here. I don't have a cell like most. i would have been on here earlier if i hadn't been down sick with a migraine, but thaz okay i got to smoke a bowl and watch Pirates of the C. 5 and it rocks. I'll see about getting a text number. Glad ur still awesome and keeping busy and focused. Catch u around ^.^
Le Purrr Report | 06/10/2017 3:37 pm
Le Purrr
Well goodness, i missed u 2, lol. And i think i can set up a text number, but haven't been on skype for a long while...kinda a vibration snob if i think somethings gonna go south i run. Here lately i'm on zOMG on and off from usually noon til late night on one of my toons on my profile. Look forward to talking to you again. *Hugs* Don't mind me i'm just weird and i kinda like it like that.
Le Purrr Report | 06/06/2017 11:23 am
Le Purrr
I still play zOMG thaz where I started out! Still have my original NightFire XD and play it as well, but lately having a lot of fun on my Triguns-
l Vash the Stampede l - hope things are well with u *hugs* stay awesome.


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