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Just a little soul
floating like a petal in a stream.

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Faerie Report | 04/07/2023 7:11 pm
Sounds like a simple and sweet gathering 3nodding

It’s just mom and myself, and I like it that way.
Faerie Report | 04/07/2023 6:54 pm
Ooo yay! I’m excited for my cookie whee

That sounds like a lovely time!
Do you have a big family?
Faerie Report | 04/07/2023 6:47 pm
& that day isn’t until April 11th, so it’ll be about a month away !
Faerie Report | 04/07/2023 6:46 pm
Oooooo they all sounds delicious!
I’d love an apricot cookie ! heart

I don’t have plans for Easter, more than likely it’ll just be me & mom and we will make something together for dinner
And spend time in the backyard enjoying our wisteria 3nodding
What are your plans for Easter?
Faerie Report | 04/07/2023 6:35 pm
Oooo that sounds like fun!
What flavors by chance? What’s your favorite?

And yes I’m very excited to pick up my switch & game as soon as it’s available!
I can’t wait! I got my friend gaby and her husband to join me in picking it up since I didn’t think it would be safe to go alone.
Plus we are planning on making it a party and I’m going to bring the switch to her place so that we can all get a chance to play it a bit
Faerie Report | 04/07/2023 6:27 pm
Hello !
I’m okay, got a lot done today!
I’ve now spent 1k within 24 hours lol
Last night I ordered the new oled Zelda switch and today I had to get new tires for my car
Expensive, but all worth it!
How was your day?
Faerie Report | 04/06/2023 7:24 am
Good morning!

I’m exhausted but okay. Getting ready for work & all
I hope you are doing well heart
Faerie Report | 04/03/2023 11:33 pm

Yes it’s very recognizable!
Anyway dear, I must be off to sleep. Im quite tired.
Goodnight heart
Faerie Report | 04/03/2023 11:18 pm
Hahah fair fair
I’m not particularly fond of the fighting either, and you’re not wrong about the screaming lol
I mainly just adore the music & scenery, the hobbits & elves are my favorite heart
Faerie Report | 04/03/2023 11:09 pm
Oh yay!

Did you enjoy it? whee


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