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Location: Tazmily, Nowhere Island

Birthday: 10/27


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Love Theme [Brawl]

Equipped List

Gentle Rain

Sorrowful Tazmily


Misplaced Revenge

Claus Running

The Masked Man

Porkie of Porkie of Porkie of Porkie


Theme of Love [MAD] (English Ver.)

Theme of Love (English Cover)


[RPer is FEMALE!]

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{{Profile under construction}}

Full Name: Ryuka
Other Alias: Lucas (By anyone outside of Tazmily), Luke (Nickname by Ness and Paula)
Age: [MoM] 9 (Early chapters) 12 (Later Chapters)
Species: Human
Race: Japanese/American Mix
Gender: Cig Male
Eye Color: [Games] Black [Smash] Black with Blue Tint [MoM] Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Orientation: Bi Curious
Alignment: Neutral Good
Birthplace: Tazmily Village, NI
Current Residents: Tazmily Village, NI
Occupation: N/A
Voice Actor Portrayal: Lani Minella
First Appearance: Mother 3 (GBA 2006)
Known Family: [MoM] Maria/Mary (Ancestor), George (Ancestor), Ninten (Ancestor), Mimmie (Ancestral Aunt), Minnie (Ancestral Aunt), Anna (Ancestor), Ness (Ancestor), Tracy (Ancestral Aunt), Paula (Ancestor), Flint (Father), Hinawa (Mother), Alec (Grandfather), Claus (Twin Brother), Boney (Pet)
Known Friends: Fuel (Best Friend), Boney (Best Friend), Duster, Kumatora/Violet, Dr. Andonuts
Known Enemies/Rivals: King Pokey "Porky" Minch (Arch Nemesis), The Masked Man (*Spoiler* Twin Brother Arch Nemesis)
Personality: Lucas is a shy gentle boy, who loves animals and sunflowers. Lucas' coddled nature is usually the voice of reason when compared to his reckless older sibling. He's a little on the sensitive side, and had never really gotten over the tragedy that bestow his mother and twin brother. Because he grew up in a simple society: Lucas' common knowledge of the modern world is a bit on the lacking side, and appears to be somewhat dim witted; despite of this, Lucas is a quick learner, and is willing to try new things. Lucas can be naïve and a little too trusting side, which is due to the simple life style he was so used to growing up.
Misc. Info:

Battle Stats:

Elemental Trait:

No Change-Description
Italicize- Indication
"Double Quotations"- Speaking
'Single Quotation & Italicize'-Thoughts
'Single Quotation & Small Text'-Whisper/Murmurs
-Dashes- Setting
{{Double Brackets}}-Out of Character


Unfounded Revenge/Smashing Song of Praise [Brawl]


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RavingProductions Report | 08/15/2017 2:09 pm
No worries! smile
RavingProductions Report | 08/14/2017 11:23 am
Get outta my stream, dang it! xd *splashes water*
RavingProductions Report | 08/14/2017 9:18 am
bleh, it's just water! i'll just find something new to wear smile
RavingProductions Report | 08/12/2017 4:34 pm
*dodges the bubble but slips in the stream* Oops! xd
RavingProductions Report | 08/11/2017 9:14 am
*sprays water also* xd
RavingProductions Report | 08/10/2017 10:30 pm
Hey Lucas... *spits water at you like in The Incredibles* xD
RavingProductions Report | 08/10/2017 8:46 am
i only play LK just to get a bunch of random item generators so i can sell those random items for good amounts of gold smile
RavingProductions Report | 08/10/2017 8:33 am
yep. i just think all that rounding up or down thingy... it's crazy.

besides, i can always play zomg or lake kindred for more gold
RavingProductions Report | 08/10/2017 8:27 am
Well, i'll probably have to cancel all of my MP listings for the time being until they have the final say on what they think...
RavingProductions Report | 08/10/2017 8:23 am
Yeah. I liked it when it didn't have to round things, but since it does, it's making MP business more complicating.

but it would be a while before the mods receive some feedback, maybe they would change it back to the way it was previously, which is going to be a long while :/
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