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Occupation: Lacky


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S-Team #1

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Scrap Brain Zone (Genesis Ver.)

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"The big round guy finally let Sonic defeat him...
Well don't celebrate too soon Hedgehog! Now it's my turn! ...And I'm not alone!"
-Doomsday Project

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~Saga Wars Timeline~

Full Name: Colin Kintobor/Robotnik Jr.
Other Alias: Snively (Nickname by Colin Sr., Enforced by Ivo), Snively the Great (Self Proclaim Title), [Big] Brother (By Hope), Cousin Colin/Snively (By Gerald), Needle Nose (By Streaks), Darling/Sweetie [-kins] (By Regina), Snivelykins (By Regina), My King (By Regina)
Age: 31
Species: Overalander
Race: Eurish
Gender: Cig Male
Height: 68 marks
Weight: 7.9 Stone
Eye Color: Teal
Hair Color: Brunet (Formerly)
Orientation: Heterosexual (In a Complicated Relationship)
Alignment: Anti Villain
Birthday: 134 (May 13) 3206
Birthplace: Megapolis, OL/UF
Current Residents: Robotropolis, RE
Occupation: Lackey, Lab Assistant, Second-in-Command, Emperor's Successor (Formerly)
Voice Actor Portrayal: Charlie Adler
First Appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog Pilot (SATAM 1993) Sonic the Hedgehog #6 (As Non-Canon Cameo: Archie 1993), Sonic the Hedgehog #8 (Officially: Archie 1993), Saga Chronicles (TBA)
Known Family: Cmd. Markus Kintobor (Grandfather; MiA Presumed Dead), Merrill Kintobor (Grandmother; Deceased), Cmd. Colin Kintobor Sr. (Father; Status Unknown), Miriam Day/Kintobor (Mother; Deceased), Angela Hopkins/Kintobor (Step Mother; Deceased), Hope Kintobor (Half Sister), Dr./Sir/Emperor Julian Kintobor/Ivo Robotnik (Uncle), Empress Penelope "Lope" Tetch/Robotnik (Aunt; Status Unknown), Gerald Robotnik (1st Cousin), James Snively (Future Son), Isaac Robotnik (Future 2nd Cousin), Ian Robotnik (Future 2nd Cousin), Maria Robotnik (Future 3rd Cousin), Simon Robotnik (Future 3rd Cousin), Ivan "Black Jack" Snively (Future Grandson), Julian "Jun" Kintobor/Snively (Future Grandson), Virgil (Future 4th Cousin), Natalie "Nata" Robotnik/Kintobor (Future 5th Cousin), Megan Thorndyke/Nega (Future 6th Cousin), Eliot Nega (Future 7th Cousin), Silver Snively (Alternate Counterpart), Johnny Snively [Litigopolis Zone] (Alternate Counterpart), Major Znively [No Zone] (Alternate Counterpart)
Known Friends: Regina Ferrum (Girlfriend?)
Known Enemies/Rivals: [King] Maurice "Streaks" Hedgehog (Arch Nemesis), Princess/[Queen] Sally Acorn, (Arch Nemesis), Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Arch Rival), Gerald Robotnik (Arch Rival), Miles Prower (Arch Rival), Rotor Warlus (Arch Rival), Antonie D'Coolette (Arch Rival), Bunnie Rabbot (Arch Rival)
Personality: He appears to be calculated and intelligent, but pales in comparison to his uncle. Snively is a skittish little man, and breaks easily under pressure. Snively is pretty ambitious though, and is quick to backstab his allies in the back if it meant to get ahead.
History/Bio: When Snively was born, his mother died in the process. Bitter by this, Colin Sr. often took things out on Snively. Snively actually gotten along well with his uncle, both sharing a common interest in gadgetry and machines. When Julian was falsely accused for treason and was exiled for a crime he didn't commit, Snively then overheard a plot of executing his uncle; Snively had no choice but to warn him, only to be caught into the mix. Snively fled from the Overland with his uncle and escape to the Great Forest. They were rescue by two Mobian Hedgehogs, where the Overlanders were granted asylum from King Maximillion Acorn.
Misc. Info: Snively's birth mother died during child birth. Despite his evil personal, Snively does generally care for his younger sister. Snively actually gets along with his Uncle Julian, but not his split personality. Snively is jealous of his cousin, Gerald for being the next in line in his uncle's empire. Snively is an ace pilot and mechanic, but not as good as his uncle.

~Bonus Profile~ {Still set in the Saga Wars Timeline}

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Full Name: Julian Kintobor/Snively
Other Alias: Dr. Snively (Former Title), Jun-Jun (Nickname by Black Jack), Baka/Otaku (By Simon)
Age: Unknown-Although roughly looks around his early to mid 30's
Species: Overalander
Race: Eurish/Yurasian Mix
Gender: Cig Male
Height: 5'0
Weight: 100 lbs.
Eye Color: Teal
Hair Color: Ginger
Orientation: Heterosexual
Alignment: Neutral, Neutral-Evil
Birthplace: Ja-Kon, DK
Current Residents: Has a condo in Westopolis, SS
Occupation: G.U.N.'s R&D Specialist
Voice Actor Portrayal: N/A
First Appearance: [Archie] Sonic Universe # 67, Super Sonic Digest # 12 (Origin Story) [SW] N/A
Known Family: Cmd. Markus Kintobor (Ancestor; MiA assumed deceased), Merrill Kintobor (Ancestor; Deceased), Cmd. Colin Kintobor Sr. (Great Grandfather; Status Unknown), Miriam Day/Kintobor (Great Grandmother; Deceased), Colin "Snively" Kintobor/Robotnik Jr. (Grandfather; Deceased in his timeline), Regina Ferrum (Grandmother; Deceased in his timeline), Overseer Hope Kintobor (Grand Aunt; Deceased), Dr./Sir/Emperor Julian Kintobor/Ivo Robotnik (Great Uncle; Deceased), Empress Penelope "Lope" Tetch/Robotnik (Great Aunt; Status Unknown), James Snively (Father; Status Unknown), Overlord/Ambassador/Prof. Gerald Robotnik (1st Cousin 3x Removed; Deceased), Isaac Robotnik (1st Cousin 2x Removed; Deceased), Dr. Ian Robotnik (1st Cousin 2x Removed; Deceased), LT. Ivan "Black Jack" Snively (Brother), Maria Robotnik (Distant Cousin), Dr. Simon Robotnik (Distant Cousin), Virgil (2nd Cousin; Deceased), Natalie "Nata" Robotnik/Kintobor (3rd Cousin), Megan Thorndyke/Nega (Future 4th Cousin), Eliot Nega (Future 5th Cousin)
Known Friends: None Known
Known Enemies/Rivals: Dr. Simon Robotnik (Rival)
Personality: He is intelligent, however not at bright as his cousin Simon. He can be naïve and little on the childish side. He's an otaku with an obsessive personality. He has a sniveling coward like nature like his grandfather before him. Dr. Snively is still rather ambitious about plans for world domination.
History/Bio: [Pre] Freshly out of the university, Dr. Snively was applying for an internship for Robotnik Inc. when he ran into Simon. Simon, whom was still grieving of the lost his Courter, was secretly planning his conquest of world domination. He had seen potential in Dr. Snively, and offer him a job as his assistant.
[Sonic 1] They started working on small strategic strikes against G.U.N. by using the local wildlife and putting them into machines called Badniks. Two hedgehogs from a neighboring island took notice of the missing mobini in the surrounding area. Marik had went ahead to investigate, but was accidently killed by Dr. Snively in the process. On this day Marik's son, Sonic, had sworn to fight against the Robotnik Empire. [2 B Cont.]
Misc. Info: Dr. Snively in his youth greatly resembles his grandfather. It's possible that he was named after his great uncle. Coincidently like his Great Uncle, he is also 5 years younger than his brother Black Jack. His modern appearance seems to take some inspiration from Simon.

SATAM Younger Snivley with Uncle Julian
Classic Archie Snively
Classic Archie Younger Snively with Uncle Julian
Dr. Julian Snively (Reboot)

Brown-Classic Robotnik
Red-Mondern "Eggman"
Dark Red-Julian
Dark Blue-Hope

What is Saga Wars? It's a fan fiction series based on a combine Sonic Universe of SATAM, Pre-Gen Archie Comics, and the Sega games. The SATAM/Archie universe takes place 100 years prior to the games, as names and ages were change to fit the story better.

Mobius Terminology:

Mobius- Formerly Earth before being hit by Gene-Bombs over 1,000 years ago.
Mobian(s)- Evolved sentient animal. Dominate species on Mobius.
Mobini- Evolved non-sentient animal.
Overlander- Evolved mutated descendants of humans. Endangered; Numbers stearate over time.

Courter- Fiancé
Mate- Spouse (Overlander also uses the mobian term for spouse)

Mother Gaia: Goddess of the planet.
Light Gaia: Protector of the planet.
Dark Gaia: Consumer of the universe.
Solaris: Sun God of Soleanna. Can manipulate time.

Northamer: Mobian term for North America. (Nationally Northamerian)
Soumerca: Mobian term South America. (Nationally Soumercian)
Eurish: Mobian term for Europe.
Yurashia: Mobian term for Asia. (Nationally Yurasian)
Efrika: Mobian term for Africa. (Nationally Efrikan)
Downunda: Mobian term for Australia. (Nationally Downundan)
Apotos: Mobian term for Greece.
Avalon: Mobian term for England (Nationally Avalonian)
Depardieu: Mobian term for France
Chun-nan: Mobian term for China.
Ja-kon: Mobina term for Japan.
Midesta: Area in the Middle East.
Holoska: Mobian term to Alaska.
Artika/Ant-Artika: Mobius North and South Pole respectable.

The Acorn Linage- The monarchy back in olden times who once unified mobian nations. Has been since disband after the fall of Robotropolis and the unification with The Overland.
The Overland- The former government of the overlanders. Has long since disband for a modern unification between mobians.
Overlord- Formerly the leader of the overland. Was not as powerful as the mobian king, but has more power than the modern day president.
Overseer- The overlord's second-in-command.
Matriarch- The highest female position. In charge of overlooking/maintaining the overland colony.
Court Maiden(s)- Apprentices to the matriarch.
President- Modern day leader to the United Federation.
Mayor/Prince/Princess- Modern leader of city-states under the federation. A Prince/Princess is the same position for a mobian in their respectful gender.
Grandmaster- The clan elder/leader of their respectful psychic traits.
Tailion- The Wind Clan. Recognized by their white hair/fur and teal symbols. Can use Psychokenesis.
Pyros- The Fire Clan. Recognized by the red gemstone lodged in their foreheads. Can use Pyrokenesis.
Ragerok- The Earth Clan. Can detect pressure points.
Aquaqelous- The Water Clan. Users can camouflage themselves in water.
Kronos- Followers of the Chaos Force.

KA- Kingdom of Acorn
GF- The Great Forest
OL- The Overland
UF- United Federation
RE- Robotnik Empire
DK- Dragon Kingdom
SI- South Island
WI- West Island
EW- East Watch Island
AI- Angel Island
SS- Station Square
MR- Mystic Ruins
PK- The Pyro Kingdom

Fanfiction Terms:

SW- Saga Wars

RW- Robo Wars
MW- Mecha Wars
NW- Nega Wars
SC- Saga Chronicles

Canon Games:
Sonic 1- SA2/Battle- Sonic Heroes.
Any game were Robotnik/Eggman is the villain after the games mention above would assume is Neo Metal Sonic or Dr. Nega.
Sonic Battle has happen alongside SA2/Battle.
Sonic Advance 1 & 2 happens before SA2/Battle.
Sonic Advance 3 is not canon.
Sonic Rush & Rush Adventure are canon, although Dr. Nega in those games are from an alternate dimension.
The echidna history in Sonic Chronicles is canon.
None of the gamegear games canon, however Nack the Weasle/Fang the Sniper exists.
None of the spinoff games are canon. (Sonic the Fighters, All-star Sega Superstars, ect.)
None of the mobile games are canon.
Dr. Robotnik Mean Bean Machine is not canon.
Sonic Pocket Adventure is not canon.
Sonic Generations is canon. Simon was Classic Robotnik whom was kidnapped. After events had spit the classic and modern timelines.
Sonic Lost World is not canon.
The Sonic Boom series is in an alternate universe.

No Change-Description
Italicize- Indication
"Double Qoutations"- Speaking
'Single Qoutation & Italicize'-Thoughts
'Single Qoutations & Small Text'-Whisper/Murmurs
-Dashes- Setting
{{Double Brackets}}-Out of Character

My Villianious Role


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Hurricane Hordak Report | 09/21/2018 3:26 pm
Hurricane Hordak
You're testing my patience, Snively. - pets Cluck-
Red_KnightFire Report | 09/21/2018 8:42 am
*Julian walks in, with his glaring red eyes* "SNIVELY!"
Red_KnightFire Report | 09/21/2018 8:30 am
Then Julian got pissed.
Red_KnightFire Report | 09/21/2018 8:24 am
Poor Antoine.. XD
Hurricane Hordak Report | 09/21/2018 6:42 am
Hurricane Hordak
RavingProductions Report | 04/04/2018 8:42 pm
Well, the 1% population can't hide forever, he'll eventually deplete the world of resources.
RavingProductions Report | 04/02/2018 9:52 am
Wow, really? :O

I have a strange feeling that there's a resistance group elsewhere try to undermine him so they can overthrow him and retake everything
RavingProductions Report | 03/31/2018 11:20 am
I was too busy rebuilding my merchandise after those Minecraft mobs attacked me a while back
RavingProductions Report | 03/30/2018 1:18 pm
Hello, long time no see xd
RavingProductions Report | 11/02/2017 11:39 am
Yeah, that. With everything starting in ten millions, guess we’ll have to get used to these new economics.


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