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Birthday: 10/27

Occupation: Mad Scientist

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Big Arms (Generations)

Memories of Puyo Puyo (Genesis)

Puyo Puyo/Tetris BGM 40

Password Entry (Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine)

Sticker of Puyo Puyo (Genesis)

2P Mode (Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine)

Exercise Mode (Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine)

Continue? (Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine)

The Final of Puyo Puyo/Satin's Theme (Genesis)

Danger! (Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine)

Mean Bean Machine (Sonic Mania)

Flight to Volcanic Fortress

Mega Death Egg Robot (Phase 2)

Mega Death Egg Robot (Phase 3)

Mega Death Egg Robot [Cover]

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The World Revolving (Orchestra Cover)

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{{Role Player is Female}}

[All Based in the Saga Wars Timeline]

~Profile # 1~

[Altered for Sonic Forces RP]

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Full Name: Simon Julian Robotnik
Other Alias: Doctor [Robotnik] (Formal Title), Sy (By a few close friends), Cousin Simon (By Maria), Grandfather (By Natalie), Ancestor (By Nega), Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Adopted Title), Ivo (By Dr. Snively), [Dr.] Eggman (By Sonic & Cream), Dr. Simon (By Cream & Augumon)
Age: [RW] 56, [MW+] 57, [Post] 60 [Simon is really sensitive about his age, hence why it's whited out- Management ;3]
Species: Overalander ('Mobi-Sapient') [Scientific name- Management ;P]
Race: [Since technically he was born in space so he has no nationally, but takes after his immediate family] Eurish Decant
Gender: Cig Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: 300 lbs.
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Ginger
Orientation: Heterosexual
Alignment: Anti Villain (Formerly), Chaotic Neutral/Anti Hero
Birthday: 253 (September 9) 3278
Birthplace: Space Colony Ark
Current Residents: Neo Metropolis, OL [Classified-Management]
Occupation: Robotiticain, President/CEO of Robotnik Inc., Overlord, Founding Member of Team Dark, Reformed Villain, [Emperor] {{In current RP}}
Voice Actor Portrayal: Deem Bristow, [When Mimicking Dr. Nega] Mike Pollock
First Appearance: [As Classic Design] Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis 1991), [As Modern Design] Sonic Adventure/DX: Director's Cut (Dreamcast/Gamecube 1999/2004), Dragon Realm (2001; scrapped project), Robo Wars (2004; Completed in 2015)
Known Family: Cmd. Markus Kintobor (Ancestor; MiA Presumed Dead), Merrill Kintobor (Ancestor; Deceased), Cmd. Colin Kintobor Sr. (Great Uncle; Status Unknown), Miriam Day/Kintobor (Great Aunt; Deceased), Angela Hopkins/Kintobor (Great Aunt; Deceased), Dr./Sir/Emperor Julian Kintobor/Ivo Robotnik (Great Grandfather/Former Life; Deceased in His Timeline), Empress Penelope "Lope" Tetch/Robotnik (Great Grandmother; Status Unknown), [Overlord] Colin "Snively" Kintobor/Robotnik Jr. (1st Cousin 3x Removed; Status Unknown), Overseer Hope Kintobor (1st Cousin 3x Removed; Deceased in His Timeline), Overlord/Ambassador/Prof. Gearld Robotnik (Grandfather; Deceased), Dr. Marian "Marry" Robotnik (Grandmother; Deceased), Issac Robotnik (Father; Deceased), Elizabeth Robotnik (Mother; Deceased), Pvt. Hennery Sommerland (Foster Father; Status Unknown), Dr. Ian Robotnik (Uncle; Deceased), James Snively (1st Cousin 2x Removed), Maria Robotnik (1st Cousin; Deceased), Shadow the Hedgehog (Pseudo Uncle/Sibling), Lupita "Lupi" Castro/Robotnik (Sister-n-Law), LT. Ivan "Black Jack" Snively (Distant 1st Cousin), Dr. Julian "Jun" Snively (Distant 1st Cousin), Virgil (Son; Deceased), Rojo 'Red' Robotnik (Nephew), Toxic Robotnik (Niece), Terios Robotnik (Nephew), Lilac Robotnik (Niece), Natalie "Nata" Robotnik (Granddaughter), Megan Thorndyke (Future Great Granddaughter), Eliot Nega (Future Descendant), Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik [Sega Zone] (Alternate Counterpart), Dr. Eggman [X Zone] (Alternate Counterpart), Dr. Eggman [Boom Zone] (Alternate Counterpart), Lord Eggman (Alternate Counterpart), Dr. "Eggman" Robotnik [Lego Zone] (Alternate Counterpart), Robolactus (Alternate Counterpart), Warden Zobotnik [No Zone] (Alternate Counterpart), King Shahryar (Alternate Counterpart), Dr./Emperor Cymon Robotnik (Alternate Counterpart), Dr. Ovi Nega (Alternate Counterpart), Dr. Egghog (Mobian Counterpart), Gizmo (Pet), Sera (Pet)
Known Friends: Sara (Courter; Deceased), Vanilla Rabbit (Mutual Friend/Crush), Agent Topaz (Mutual Friend), Princess Elise (Mutual Friend), Princess Peach Toadstool/Mario (Mutual Friend), Dr. Charles "Chuck" Thorndyke (Childhood Friend), Trevor (Childhood Friend), Shadow the Hedgehog (Close Friend/Ally), King Bowser Koopa (Best Friend), Rouge the Bat (Former Teammate), [Princess] Sonia (Political Aid/Ally), Maxwell "Tails" Prower (Protégé), Christopher "Chris" Thorndyke (Protégé), [Count] Luigi Mario/[Sarsa/Charlotte], Prince Lorenzo "Lenni" Mario
Know Enemies/Rivals: Col. Comrade Conwells (Arch Nemesis; Status Unknown), Dr. Eliot Nega (Arch Nemesis), Neo Metal Sonic (Arch Nemesis), Queen Sera Robotnik (Arch Nemesis), Oliver "Sonic" [the] Hedgehog (Former Arch Nemesis; Arch Rival), Dr./Emperor Cymon Robotnik (Arch Rival), Natasha Robotnik (Arch Rival), Cmd. Abraham Tower (Arch Rival), LT. Ivan "Black Jack" Snively (Arch Rival), Nack "Fang" [the] Weasel (Arch Rival), Wario (Arch Rival), Waluigi (Arch Rival), Vector the Crocodile (Rival), Dr. Julian "Jun-Jun" Snively (Former Assistant; Rival), Dr. Albert Wily (Rival), Nelson Thorndyke (Business Rival), Rouge the Bat (Former Teammate)
Personality: He is very intelligent, however very reckless with his actions. He's persistent, stubborn, and a bit of a control freak. He's really easy to temper, and tends to hold grudges for quite awhile. Sy is normally very polite and otherwise a refine gentleman; however he can act a little immature at times, especially in a competitive environment. Dr. Robotnik can get pretty vulgar sometimes, especially when angered.
History/Bio: At a young age, Simon had witness the massacre that befallen when The Ark was shut down. He was taken in by a reformed rookie, and lived the remaining of his childhood in Station Square. Desperate to fit in, Simon had disguised his Eurish accent to match the Northamer dialect like the other children. He had become quick friends with Charles Thorndyke, both had similar interests and aspire to be scientists one day. Simon also took a shining to a neko girl named Sara, however didn't seem to return his affections back. Sara was already in a relationship with Simon's long time rival, Abraham Tower, however he refuses to give up. Somehow his determination did spark some interests to the neko girl, and had allowed to be friends with him; eventually turning into something more. Despite being well finance due a hefty inheritance, Sara had insistent on relying on her own income. While on her way home, she had founded an abandon Chao, and took him in and raised him with her partner. On his lowest days, Sy had open up to her; although she can't completely erased his turmoil, she had found a way to ease his pain. This eventually leads her expecting their first child. Simon had worked hard on his studies, yet still manage to squeeze in his time and attention to his beloved. Tragedy then sudden erupted, when Sara was attacked by an unknown assailant in a political dispute. Simon had stick to her, only until he was told that she had lost her life. Stricken with grief, he had isolated himself from all contact, with only Gizmo (Sara's chao) to keep him company. For about the next 10 years Simon reemerged from hiding, and now referring himself as Dr. Ivo Robotnik, and claims he'll fix the world's corruption with his rule.
Misc. Info: His mother died during childbirth. His cousin Maria had given him his name. He had adopted the name 'Ivo,' during his 'world domination' campaign; he used the more common Northamerian pronunciation [I-Vo]. He entirely hates the nickname, 'Eggman.' He's 9-10 years younger than his cousin Maria. He's 3 years younger than Shadow. He's been rivals with Abraham Tower since way back on the Ark; whatever it's to compete for Maria's attention, or winning the heart of Sara. In his childhood years, Simon tried to disguise his Eurish accent with a Northamerian dialect until Sara encouraged him to honor his heritage, resulting a mix in both English accents. Gizmo originally belong to Sara, but Simon takes care of him after her passing. Simon suffers with an acute cause of PTSD. Simon has to keep himself proactively busy as a defense mechanism. Despite popular belief, Simon dislikes harming/killing organic lives. He had once employed Dr. Snively as his assistant. Because of this, he occasionally tends to use Japanese words in his speech. He refers to Dr. Snively as 'Otaku.' and/or 'Baka.' Simon can fluently speak many different foreign languages. Simon is a firm believer in scientific facts, and not in the supernatural elements. Ironically he is the recantation of Julian Kintobor, but has personality traits of Ivo. He keeps an electronic diary. He's incredibly nearsighted, and needs his glasses to see. Simon is left handed. He walks with a sight limp due to an injury Tails inflicted on him while on Prison Island (Events of Sonic Adventure 2/Battle). Although not a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, he does secretly like the music of his rock band. Simon's favorite music is generally rock n' roll, however he seems to have an appreciation towards classical, orchestra, and opera music. He could play the piano, but dislikes playing for an audience. Simon loves to read. Simon's favorite meal are omelets; this most likely derived from Sara always making them for him. His two favorite drinks is Earl Grey Tea and Chaos Cola. He's not a fan of Natalie's cooking, but doesn't have the heart to tell her so. Simon is a big fan of Star Wars. He despises the game Checkers.

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~Profile # 2~

[Altered for Sonic Forces RP]
{{Out of respect for my friend's ocs' no status would be written for them}}

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]Full Name: [As a Counterpart] Ovi Nega [As a Descendant] Eliot Theodor Nega
Other Alias: Doctor [Nega] (Formal Title), Grandmaster [Nega] (Formal Title), [Dr.] Eggman Nega (By Silver and Blaze), Eli (By Natalie)
Age: Unknown (Although he may be younger than he looks)
Species: Overlander (Tailion Sub-Species)
Race: Northamerian (Eurish Decent)
Gender: Cig Male
Height: 6'1
Weight: 282 lbs.
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair Color: White (Formerly Blonde)
Orientation: Bi Sexual
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Birthday: Unknown
Birthplace: Onyx City, PK
Current Residents: Unknown
Occupation: Robotiticain, Tailion Grandmaster (Formerly)
Voice Actor Portrayal: (Pitched) Mike Pollock
First Appearance: [As a Counterpart] Sonic Rush (DS 2006), [As a Descendant] Sonic Rivals (PSP 2006)
Known Family: Cmd. Markus Kintobor (Ancestor; MiA Persumed Dead), Merrill Kintobor (Ancestor; Deceased), Cmd. Colin Kintobor Sr. (Ancestral Uncle; Status Unknown), Miriam Day/Kintobor (Ancestral Aunt; Deceased), Angela Hopkins/Kintobor (Ancestral Aunt; Deceased), Dr./Sir/Emperor Julian Kintobor/Ivo Robotnik (Ancestor/Former Life; Deceased in His Timeline), Empress Penelope "Lope" Tetch/Robotnik (Ancestor; Status Unknown), [Overlord] Colin "Snively" Kintobor/Robotnik Jr. (1st Cousin 7x Removed; Status Unknown), Overseer Hope Kintobor (1st Cousin 7x Removed; Deceased), Overlord/Ambassdor/Prof. Gerald Robotnik (Ancestor; Deceased), Dr. Marian "Marry" Robotnik (Ancestor; Deceased), Issac Robotnik (Ancestor; Deceased), Elizabeth Robotnik (Ancestor; Dceased), Dr. Ian Robotnik (Ancestral Uncle; Deceased), James Snively (1st Cousin 6x Removed; Status Unknown), Dr. Simon Robotnik (Ancestor/Former Life; Deceased in His Timeline), Sara (Ancestor; Deceased), Maria Robotnik (1st Cousin 5x Removed; Deceased), LT. Ivan "Black Jack" Snively (1st Cousin 5x Removed; Status Unknown), Dr. Julian "Jun-Jun" Snively (1st Cousin 5x Removed; Status Unknown), Virgil (Great Grandfather; Deceased), Dr. Christopher "Chris" Thonrdyke (Grandfather; Status Unknown), Prof. Natalie "Nata" Robotnik/Thorndyke (Grandmother; Deceased), Walter Nega (Father; Status Unknown), Megan Thorndyke/Nega (Mother; Deceased), Dr. Edgar Nega (Alternate Counterpart), Dr. Negahog (Mobian Counterpart)
Known Friends: None
Known Enemies/Rivals: King Ignatius Cat (Former Arch Nemesis; Deceased), Silver the Hedgehog (Former Apprentice; Arch Nemesis), Princess/Queen Blaze the Cat (Arch Nemesis), Petro the Spider (Arch Nemesis), Venice Hedgehog (Former Friend/Crush; Deceased), Edmund the Batchidna (Former Friend)
Personality: A calm, collected, and charismatic individual. However charming as he is, Dr. Nega hides away his more twisted and sinister side of him. He's highly intelligent, maybe even more so then his ancestor(s) before him. Despite always seemly grinning, Dr. Nega represses most emotions to better control his artificial psychic powers.
History/Bio: [*Spoiler Alert!* Highlight to view*] Dr. Nega was born sometime in the near future. His mother had died when he was is still pretty young, while his father was physically abusive. He lived with his grandparents, and has grown very attach to them. Growing up he had heard of a story of an ancient city of advance technology, which greatly interests him into the field of robotics. Although he never did found the lost city of Robotropolis in his timeline, he did manage to stubble upon unfinished notes of his Great Great Grandfather on the process of Roboticization. With Metal Sonic's help, he devise a similar process through Nano Technology. Once injected into the bloodstream, the user is grated a slight boost of their immune system and seemly psychic traits. With these new abilities, Dr. Nega really sought out to do some real good by joining the Guardianship of Time, where he'd eventually ascend into Tailion's Grandmaster. Upon assignments, he had notice a dramatic decrease in overlander population. Hoping to correct this, Eliot had went back in time to learn the history of his people. He had accidently stubble upon a plot from the King to eradicate all creatures whom he deem inferior. Outraged by this, Dr. Nega had went back in time to set various events into motion. He purposely shot at his ancestor, Sara, in hope to descend his Great Great Grandfather on plans of revenge and conquest. Throughout the years, he'd observed ancestor's 'war campaign', while planning his own back in his timeline. He remade Metal Sonic, now dubbing it 'Neo Metal Sonic' and boldly attack the Pyro Kingdom from within. He had spoke with the King about his plans, before ending his life. Because of this action, the whole guardianship came after him and ended up getting captured by his former friend and ally, Venice. For his transgression, Dr. Nega was sentence of imprisonment, and deprived for his Nano Machines. Foreseeing this, Dr. Nega had order Neo Metal Sonic to spring him out, but not before loosing many of his Nano Machines in the progress.
[NW] He now wonders the past timeline, binding his time for his next takeover.

Misc. Info: Dr. Nega speaks in a Northamerian accent. His speech patterns and laughter differs from Simon. Despite this, he can mimic and impersonate his ancestor (almost) flawlessly. He can get easily distracted by his long speeches. Dr. Nega is a recantation of Ivo, despite having personality traits of Julian. Dr. Nega ambidextrous. The jumpsuit Dr. Nega wears is actually a prison uniform. He appears to be a fan of the Terminator series. He enjoys reading fortunes and tarot cards in his spare time.

~Profile # 3~

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Full Name: Julian Simon Kintobor (Birth Name) Ivo Robotnik
Other Alias: Doctor [Kintobor/Robotnik] (Formal Title), Warlord Julian (Formal Title), Sir Julian (Formal Title), [Little] Brother (By Colin), Uncle [Julian] (By Hope and Snively), Father (By Gerald), Great Grandfather (By Simon), Ancestor (By Natalie & Nega), The Founder (Describe by Dr. Nega), [My] Beloved (By Penelope), My Lord/Mi'lord (By Penelope, Subjects, and Mordread Hood), Darling (By Penelope), Sir (By Snively) Lord Robotnik (By Mordred Hood and Battle Kukku XV), Chief/Chieftain (By Tundra), Brother (By Tundra), Boss (By Axel, Abyss, and Drago), Master [Robotnik] (By Razorclaw & Akhult)
Age: 46
Species: Overlander
Race: Eurish (Avalonian)
Gender: Cig Male
Height: 132 marks
Weight: 12.7 stone
Eye Color: Crimson Red [By Birth], Blood Red [After being roboticized]
Hair Color: Ginger
Orientation: Heterosexual (Depending on the timeline Mate/Widower)
Alignment: [As Julian] Lawfully Good (Formerly), Neutral [As Ivo] Lawfully Evil
Birthday: 253 (September 9) 3189 (Died: 164 (June 12) 3235)
Birthplace: Megapolis, OL/UF
Current Residents: Robotropolis, RE
Occupation: Robotiticain, Warlord (Formerly), Knight (Formerly), Emperor
Voice Actor Portrayal: Jim Cummings
First Appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog Pilot/Sonic the Hedgehog #0 (SATAM/Archie 1993), Mecha Wars (2004)
Known Family: Dr. Ivan Kintobor (Human Ancestor; Status Unknown), Cmd. Markus Kintobor (Father; MiA Presumed Dead), Merrill Kintobor (Mother; Deceased), Cmd. Colin Kintobor Sr. (Brother; Status Unknown), Miriam Day/Kintobor (Sister-in-Law; Deceased), Angela Hopkins/Kintobor (Sister-in-Law; Deceased), Empress Penelope "Lope" Tetch/Robotnik (Mate; Status Unknown), Colin "Snively" Kintobor/Robotnik Jr. (Nephew), Hope Kintobor (Niece), Gerald Robotnik (Son), Issac Robotnik (Future Grandson), Ian Robotnik (Future Grandson), James Snively (Future Grand Nephew), Maria Robotnik (Future Great Granddaughter), Simon Robotnik (Future Great Grandson), Ivan "Black Jack" Snively (Future Great Nephew), Julian "Jun-Jun" Snively (Future Great Nephew), Virgil (Future Descendant), Natalie "Nata" Robotnik/Kintobor (Future Descendant), Megan Thorndyke (Future Descendant), Eliot Nega (Future Descendant), Dr. Julian Robotnik [SATAM Zone] (Alternate Counterpart), Dr. Julian Kintobor/Ivo Robotnik [Prime Zone] (Alternate Counterpart), Dr. Ivo Robotnik [AoStH Zone] (Alternate Counterpart), Dr. Robotnik [Underground Zone] (Alternate Counterpart), Robo Robotnik MK I/Robo Robotnik MK II/"Dr. Eggman" (Alternate Counterpart), Dr. Ovi Kintobor (Alternate Counterpart), Dr./Mayor J. Kintobor (Alternative Counterpart), Dr./Queen Julia Anitobor/Ivana Robotina [Luna Zone](GB Counterpart)
Known Friends: Dr. Nathaniel "Nate" Morgan (Former Mentor), King Maximillian "Max" Acorn (Former Best Friend; Status Unknown), Dr./Sir Charles "Chuck" Hedgehog (Former Best Friend; Roboticized), Jules Hedgehog (Former Best Friend; Roboticized), Bernadette "Bernie" Hedgehog (Former Friend; Roboticized), Chief Tundra Walrus (Artika Commander), Chief Akhult the Orca (Northern Sea Commander), Cmd. Drago the Wolf (Co-Commander of Northamer), Cmd. Razorclaw (Commander of Soumerca), Cmd. Axel the Water Buffalo (Efrikan Commander), Lord Mordred Hood (Erish Commander), King Jun-Kun (Yurasian Co-Commander; Status Unknown), Queen Regina Ferrum (Yurasian Co-Comander), Captain Abyss the Squid (Southern Sea Commander), Battle Lord Kukku XV (Battle Bird Armada)
Known Enemies/Rivals: Overseer Jonathan "John" Chambers (Arch Nemesis), Warlord Kodos Lion (Arch Nemesis; Status Unkonwn), Ixis Walter "Wally" Naugus (Arch Nemesis; Status Unknown), Maurice "Streaks" [the] Hedgehog (Arch Nemesis), Princess Sally Acorn (Arch Nemesis), Cmd. Colin Kintobor Sr. (Arch/Sibling Rival), Queen Regina Ferrum (Arch Rival), King Maximillian "Max" Acorn (Former Best Friend; Status Unknown), Dr./Sir Charles "Chuck" Hedgehog (Former Best Friend; Roboticized), Sir Jules Hedgehog (Former Best Friend; Roboticized), Bernadette "Bernie" Hedgehog (Former Friend; Roboticized), Wendy Naugus, Bunnie Rabbot, Antoine D'Coolette, Rotor Walrus
Personality: [As Julian] Julian is a little on the shy side prior to his roboticization. He's normally very cautious, calm, and calculated individual. Julian is upmost a sophisticated gentleman, and greatly honors the warrior's code. Julian generally stick to traditional values. Although he's very intelligent, Julian can also be gullible.
[As Ivo] Ivo is more aggressive then his host counterpart. He's violent and easily temperamental. A bit of sadist, he enjoys pain and torture to others. Ivo is a bit reckless, yet too prideful to admit his mistakes. Ruling 90% of the planet had also made him arrogant.
History/Bio: Noted to be the founder of the Robotnik bloodline, Julian wasn't always depicted as blood thirsty tyrant as describe in Mobian history books. Julian started out as a lowly Robotiticain, making gadget for his brother and other soldiers during The Great War. Julian is a pacifist by nature, and didn't care for war, which made him a target for a governmental conspiracy. Julian's peaceful ways attracted the attention of a young lady and childhood friend, Penelope Tetch. The Overseer, Jonathan Chambers, didn't like the relationship that blossom into an engagement. He then devise a plan to rid of Julian by framing him of a crime of treason towards The Overland. The people of colony had voted his exile from Megapolis, but the Overseer wasn't satisfied with that verdict. He hired assassins from Sigma Alpha to do away with Julian once and for all. On the night before his exile, Julian had broke his moral traditions and spent a night of passion with his beloved, under the guised that they may not see each other again. His nephew Snively had overheard of the assassination attempt and tried to warn his uncle about his fate. With little time left, Julian scramble all the clothes that he can get, before fleeing into The Great Forest. They were chased all night, until they were rescued by an unlikely pair of hedgehog brothers. Exhausted from the chase, Julian collapsed before thanking his two savors. When Julian awoke, his wounds were nursed, and his nephew was nowhere in sight. 'Behind enemy lines' Julian fears the fate when a mobian nursemaid informed him to be seen by the king. To his surprised, King Maxmillian was a very kind and belovant ruler, whom wishes nothing more then world peace. Julian and Snively were granted asylum, and was free to work his trade, aiding the mobians instead. Ether for common household appliances, or for the war effort. He had stayed with the hedgehog brothers, in whom saved his life in the first place. Charles was a bit wary at first, but the two became very close friends. When the war effort had driven dangerously close to Mobotropolis, in The Overland's favor, Julian had volunteer himself as warlord in order to protect his foster nation. King Max agreed, only to have the overlander get proper training from the current warlord, Kudos. Kudos has a reputation for having a strong dislike for overlanders, and can be seen impetrated into his sparring session. Julian, whom raised in a milita like family had knew his way with the sword, but with some aid from Jules, had manage to overthrow Warlord Kudos from his position. Julian took up arms along with his mobian breathan, and fought what was probably to most bloodiest battle in Mobian history. Julian had fought vigilantly, but in the end was gravely injured in the war. Charles did everything he could to save his best friend's life, and thus used an experimental Roboticizer which forever change Julian's life forever.
Misc. Info: Julian speaks in an older Avalonian dialect. Julian/Ivo is fluent in Slavic dialect and French. Julian is younger than Colin Sr. by 5 years. Julian is younger than Penelope by 2-3 years. Julian is older than Snively by 17-18 years. Julian's blood type is O-. Julian used to wear spectacles. Julian's right handed. Both Julian and Ivo have very little to no sense of humor. Julian named his 'alter ego' Ivo Robotnik (using the Eurish pronunciation [Eve-O]) and the Slavic word meaning 'hard worker' and 'slave' (Hard Working Evil Slave Driver). Both Julian and Ivo fears Walter Naugus. Julian was once formerly named godfather to Maurice "Streaks" Hedgehog. The Mural in Hidden Palace Zone on Angel Island is of him and Streaks. Out of mourning of his deceased mate, Julian wears a red cape.
Abilities: [Physical Traits]
-Genius- Julian is very intelligent. His gadgets and machines are very ahead at it's time.
-Cybernetics- Julian's roboticized parts are what is keeping him alive. It adds a slight boost in strength, and his cybernetics are weaponized: equipped with missiles, lasers, and energy shields that directly tap into his own life energy when used.
-SWATbots- Ivo's main 'Police Force' that guards Robotropolis.
-The Roboticizer- A once medical tool to help the sick and wounded, Ivo had turn it into a way to enslaved the populace.

Brown-Classic Robotnik
Red-Mondern "Eggman"
Dark Red-Julian
Dark Blue-Hope

What is Saga Wars? It's a fan fiction series based on a combine Sonic Universe of SATAM, Pre-Gen Archie Comics, and the Sega games. The SATAM/Archie universe takes place 100 years prior to the games, as names and ages were change to fit the story better.

Mobius Terminology:

Mobius- Formerly Earth before being hit by Gene-Bombs over 1,000 years ago.
Mobian(s)- Evolved sentient animal. Dominate species on Mobius.
Mobini- Evolved non-sentient animal.
Overlander- Evolved mutated descendants of humans. Endangered; Numbers stearate over time.

Courter- Fiancé
Mate- Spouse (Overlander also uses the mobian term for spouse)

Mother Gaia: Goddess of the planet.
Light Gaia: Protector of the planet.
Dark Gaia: Consumer of the universe.
Solaris: Sun God of Soleanna. Can manipulate time.

Northamer: Mobian term for North America. (Nationally Northamerian)
Soumerca: Mobian term South America. (Nationally Soumercian)
Eurish: Mobian term for Europe.
Yurashia: Mobian term for Asia. (Nationally Yurasian)
Efrika: Mobian term for Africa. (Nationally Efrikan)
Downunda: Mobian term for Australia. (Nationally Downundan)
Apotos: Mobian term for Greece.
Avalon: Mobian term for England (Nationally Avalonian)
Depardieu: Mobian term for France
Chun-nan: Mobian term for China.
Ja-kon: Mobina term for Japan.
Midesta: Area in the Middle East.
Holoska: Mobian term to Alaska.
Artika/Ant-Artika: Mobius North and South Pole respectable.

The Acorn Linage- The monarchy back in olden times who once unified mobian nations. Has been since disband after the fall of Robotropolis and the unification with The Overland.
The Overland- The former government of the overlanders. Has long since disband for a modern unification between mobians.
Overlord- Formerly the leader of the overland. Was not as powerful as the mobian king, but has more power than the modern day president.
Overseer- The overlord's second-in-command.
Matriarch- The highest female position. In charge of overlooking/maintaining the overland colony.
Court Maiden(s)- Apprentices to the matriarch.
President- Modern day leader to the United Federation.
Mayor/Prince/Princess- Modern leader of city-states under the federation. A Prince/Princess is the same position for a mobian in their respectful gender.
Grandmaster- The clan elder/leader of their respectful psychic traits.
Tailion- The Wind Clan. Recognized by their white hair/fur and teal symbols. Can use Psychokenesis.
Pyros- The Fire Clan. Recognized by the red gemstone lodged in their foreheads. Can use Pyrokenesis.
Ragerok- The Earth Clan. Can detect pressure points.
Aquaqelous- The Water Clan. Users can camouflage themselves in water.
Kronos- Followers of the Chaos Force.

KA- Kingdom of Acorn
GF- The Great Forest
OL- The Overland
UF- United Federation
RE- Robotnik Empire
DK- Dragon Kingdom
SI- South Island
WI- West Island
EW- East Watch Island
AI- Angel Island
SS- Station Square
MR- Mystic Ruins
PK- The Pyro Kingdom

Fanfiction Terms:

SW- Saga Wars

RW- Robo Wars
MW- Mecha Wars
NW- Nega Wars
SC- Saga Chronicles

Canon Games:
Sonic 1- SA2/Battle- Sonic Heroes.
Any game were Robotnik/Eggman is the villain after the games mention above would assume is Neo Metal Sonic or Dr. Nega.
Sonic Battle has happen alongside SA2/Battle.
Sonic Advance 1 & 2 happens before SA2/Battle.
Sonic Advance 3 is not canon.
Sonic Rush & Rush Adventure are canon, although Dr. Nega in those games are from an alternate dimension.
The echidna history in Sonic Chronicles is canon.
None of the gamegear games canon, however Nack the Weasle/Fang the Sniper exists.
None of the spinoff games are canon. (Sonic the Fighters, All-star Sega Superstars, ect.)
None of the mobile games are canon.
Dr. Robotnik Mean Bean Machine is not canon.
Sonic Pocket Adventure is not canon.
Sonic Generations is canon. Simon was Classic Robotnik whom was kidnapped. After events had spit the classic and modern timelines.
Sonic Lost World is not canon.
The Sonic Boom series is in an alternate universe.

No Change-Description
Italicize- Indication
"Double Qoutations"- Speaking
'Single Qoutation & Italicize'-Thoughts
'Single Qoutations & Small Text'-Whisper/Murmurs
-Dashes- Setting
{{Double Brackets}}-Out of Character


Hyrule Castle (Outside)


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Dr Neo Periwinkle Cortex Report | 04/07/2020 4:29 pm
Dr Neo Periwinkle Cortex
"Greetings, fellow evil-doer~"
Scorching Scarlet Report | 11/29/2018 11:08 am
Scorching Scarlet
Yes my handsome darling~
Scorching Scarlet Report | 11/29/2018 10:08 am
Scorching Scarlet
Right.. sweatdrop
Thanks darling~ *she smooches him* heart
Scorching Scarlet Report | 11/29/2018 9:54 am
Scorching Scarlet
Of course, I'm aware.
I think Natalie will be able to. I'll be helping her.
Scorching Scarlet Report | 11/29/2018 9:32 am
Scorching Scarlet
What? Did I stutter? >__>
Scorching Scarlet Report | 11/29/2018 9:21 am
Scorching Scarlet
See, she found a kitten. The poor thing was lost, and alone.
She had wanted to ask if we could adopt her.
Scorching Scarlet Report | 11/29/2018 9:06 am
Scorching Scarlet
*shakes her head* No.
Alright, I'll get straight to the point.
See, it's about Natalie..
Scorching Scarlet Report | 11/29/2018 8:58 am
Scorching Scarlet
Well, you see.. dearie.
Scorching Scarlet Report | 11/29/2018 8:44 am
Scorching Scarlet
I was wondering.. *rubs his mustache*
Would you.. Like for me to make some food for you? ~ heart
Scorching Scarlet Report | 11/29/2018 8:38 am
Scorching Scarlet
Ivooooo, sweetheart~

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