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the girl.

Ne nuntium necare!
Et francais, aussi

I don't add random friends, unless you tell me who you are/how we met and stuff like that. :3

Hey hey! I'm Julie. I'm a laid back, 23 year old girl from Kentucky. I'm here to make a difference in a child's life and help overpopulate the world.
Write, read, listen to music.

DDR and Grand Theft Auto are my favorites. Me and CJ go back a long way. I collect an ungodly amount of nail polish. Daisies and sunflowers are my favorite flowers.

I'm a night person. I still wish on stars and believe that someday my wishes will come true. I think that there is a man in the moon. I don't think there is anything prettier than the sky, especially after midnight.

Oh and I'm still eternally grateful to MinnieMixie for giving me Dark Halo for Christmas. <333

REST IN PEACE BORDERS! You were the best bookstore ever <3 I will make a pretty picture for you soon.

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teh biffles

the love! <3

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Neon Skyyy Report | 02/09/2015 3:30 pm
Have a very happy B-Day!! emotion_bigheart May your day be wonderful!!
Alicia007 Report | 02/09/2015 4:48 am
Have a rejoiceful celebration gaia_kittenstar
empress_miku Report | 01/31/2015 7:09 pm
been pretty good just been resting most of today because i have to work on super bowl sunday
and being in a grocery store its gonna be a tough day
empress_miku Report | 01/31/2015 7:06 pm
hi bee smile
Tannsi Report | 08/18/2014 11:05 pm
I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I haven't been interested in Gaia much at all to do either.
CausticKitty Report | 03/06/2014 4:07 pm
c-can i have the outfit your wearing...? emo
Genyusai Report | 02/23/2014 11:44 pm
[Billy Bob] Report | 02/10/2014 3:25 pm
taco taco taco~ I luv tacos. I have not had them in so long~
Epipanda Report | 02/10/2014 1:07 pm
no problem. hope the mods can do something about the lost gold.
[Billy Bob] Report | 02/10/2014 9:04 am
Billy bob likes food! wut kinda food? heart

My monkeys <3

le sounds!

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[b:ef4b25bbe5]Check out my quest thread? :3 Click the picture above!

My birthday is February 9! biggrin [/size:ef4b25bbe5]
I have a ribbon because someone I love battles leukemia.