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Yesterday, upon the stair
I met a man who wasn't there
He wasn't there again today
I wish, I wish he'd go away


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Acrophobiac Report | 02/07/2016 2:57 pm
Thanks for buying! Nice avatar btw~
Xx_Mistress_Luna_xX Report | 01/27/2016 12:22 pm
Thank you for your purchase! Lovely avatar :3 I dig the owl theme and colors <3
Wolf Anubite Report | 01/08/2016 1:14 am
Thank you for buying from my store yum_tea
Jakke_Jarkson Report | 12/25/2015 11:13 pm
Thank you for buying!
Kitty Ckatt Report | 12/13/2015 12:13 pm
User Image
Mama Pups Report | 11/29/2015 10:08 pm
Thanks for buying heart
booky630 Report | 07/30/2012 9:45 am
Hi, I really like your avi! emotion_c8
Miss Mary Muffet Report | 10/31/2011 8:36 am
I just wanted to stop by and mention that your entry for the Halloween contest was spectacular. The snippet you wrote describing your avatar was so vivid; it made me wish you had written an entire novel about that creature.
Happy Halloween!
Charlie Graves Report | 06/26/2011 10:00 am
I really like your avatar. (':
JFaith Report | 05/22/2011 9:10 am
Just wanted to stop by and comment on your avatar. ^__^ It's very lovely, and to me, somewhat whimsical.


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Daydreamer and not-so-closet geek, Asidian enjoys reading, writing, roleplaying, comic books, and video games. She likes staying up on current political events and spoiling a great many pet birds.


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