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What I write.

I write what I see and feel. Please leave a comment on your thoughts about what you read.

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Wolf Anubite

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Gender: Female

Location: The Underworld

Birthday: 11/04


Hi my name is Hanrie .

I'm normally very calm and you can almost always find me on Gaia, I enjoy Anime, Manga, PC games, DnD and Writing.

My Zodiacs are:
Western: Scorpio
Chinese: Rat
Celtic: Wolf/Hound
Native American: Snake

Personality: Introvert
Age: Classified
Gender: Female

You can also find me hanging around Charity/Quests Forum, I will either be donating/bumping or I might be on my own quest.
I do morning and late night charity runs. I also have my own charity The Chocolate Wolf Charity.

If you want more information about me, you can just send me a PM and I will answer your questions.
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Pokemon Go Friend Code: 6364 2402 1204

Note!: I do NOT like pink in any way shape or form, its fine on everyone else, I personally just don't like it.

Charity Info:

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The reason I made this charity is I wanted to help more people and my Charity Runs took a bit long.

I will still do my Charity Runs but they will be a tad shorter.