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T h e ۰ T w i l i g h t ۰ E m p r e s s
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T h e ۰ A z u r e ۰ F l a m e
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Chiyo reigns over what use to be an illustrious and booming city, built from the ground up by her own mother, now her quaint village barely holds a place on most maps. Torn apart by recent wars and the famine that was brought with them her poor home is a bleak shadow of what it use to be. Even though most have given up hope on this poor land she is determined to bring it back to its former glory and reclaim a spot with the great nations. Her people recognize her as a strong a vigilant leader both on the throne and on the battlefield, where she is known as The Azure Flame. Since she grew up during some of the lowest parts of the wars she has seen, and done, some horrible things. In fact, she was the youngest soldier to participate in real battle out of any neighboring villages, joining the war to protect what would someday be hers. Before she could even read or write she was sending the enemy soldiers to the afterlife. She is quite the intimidating leader and will not sit idly by and let others trample across her sacred land. Her followers have complete faith that she will one day restore all the glory back into their little province, especially with her dear little sister on the sidelines to root her on.

T h e ۰ T w i l i g h t ۰ H e i r e s s
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Chiyo's younger sister and her reason for living. She is determined to turn their empire into a better place that Shio can be proud of. She will do anything and everything to protect her from the horrors of the world, just as their mother had been doing since she was born.

Shio is not my character and therefore I will not be writing up a bio for her. However, I will be asking her creator to whip one up for me to post here, so please come back to learn more about our dearest Shio.


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