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Hello Darlings!

Some information about me;

I love nine-tails, I have a impossible dream to be one heart
I'm 29yrs
I'm Single, and not looking for a relationship.
Maybe friends or Friends with benefits ~
You can call me Sadie or Sol/Soul-chan heart
I like sweets and candy
food is delicious & keeps me alive
Music makes me happy
cat & dog mama

If you wanna ERP pm me, I'm open to ERP, just be at least 20yr when asking to do an ERP with me. heart


Aromantic-Pan <3
Year of the Dog
Hentai is hot

Sol's Music


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XxCountessLuluOfLunacyxX Report | 01/05/2024 9:26 pm
heart heart heart heart heart heart
Lu Sosa Report | 05/19/2023 1:36 pm
Lu Sosa
Thank you so much for your fav on my mermaid yesterday!! whee heart
XxCountessLuluOfLunacyxX Report | 04/29/2023 8:08 am
love your avi dear heart
Commander Xeren Report | 04/13/2023 7:56 am
Commander Xeren
We should be demon cosplay buds then
Commander Xeren Report | 04/13/2023 7:46 am
Commander Xeren
I can imagine, some of those items easily look like million or more plat
Commander Xeren Report | 04/13/2023 7:39 am
Commander Xeren
How long did it take for you to come up with the design sometimes it can take a few hours to find the right outfit
Commander Xeren Report | 04/12/2023 4:12 am
Commander Xeren
Thanks. My current is inspired by God of War. What inspired your current avatar?
Commander Xeren Report | 04/11/2023 2:45 pm
Commander Xeren
Cool avatar btw
dion the virus Report | 04/04/2023 10:18 pm
dion the virus
umm drama and things didnt work out
dion the virus Report | 04/04/2023 7:19 pm
dion the virus
um hi didnt u block me?

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