I am what the night fails to hide,
I am what the morning successfully veils,
I am the man lost in death thru life,
I am the man lost in life thru death,
I am your true self.

Come play in the shadows
don't be scared darling I'll be your guide
come taste my kiss
let me make you shake
let me make your mind race all day

Come feel your power darling
feel me tremble underneath you
come show me what you can do
listen to your name fall from my lips
welcome to the darkness darling.
Welcome home.
Blake Byron
Mocha Vera Rouge
Raven Wind KuroNeko-Chan
Commander Xeren
Nini Sapphire
Nightcore 347
Aya Faith Yuuki
Dj_bad girls
-Sexi Amanda-

Wise Guy friend

friend for close to a decade

Don't hurt this kitty


The friend with a Young heart

I've seen this child turn into a artful woman. Proud to know her.

She has a temper but wouldn't change her.


6 year buddy plan

been watching this lady for about 7 years now, she is kinda like a daughter to me.

This chica is a old friend

been friends for 9 years now