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gaia_angelleft Howdy gaia_angelright

my name is 2stabz, stabz for short and ive been on gaia under many names since 2007. i started my adventure when i was 10 years old, having no business on here but here i stand before you a 24 year old who still roams the lonesome corridor of gaia. i have fond memories here and plan on making many more. thank you for taking the time to read my bio, add me if youre active!! and i hope you have an amazing day

gaia_nitemareleft about me gaia_nitemareright

i am 24 currently as of 2021. i live in California, by the beach. born and raised we love to eat pizza, and burgers. and i draw here and there. Big time dabber, most of yall would not be able to keep up :c gaia_grunny

gaia_diamond VISIT MY STORE D: gaia_diamond

im on the road to 1m plat, so please buy off of my store. sometimes i sell rare stuff, but for the most part im just tryna flip items at the best price.



gaia_angelleft HEAR MY PLEE gaia_angelright

I am currently on the Road to 1 MILLION PLAT!! do you remember saving/ earning your first million gold in gaia? the sense of accomplishment ?!! Help me chase that dragon!! Help me relive my childhood by buying my items!

please remember to wipe your feet apon entry. most item prices are final


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Sanctus Kaine Report | 09/27/2023 3:40 pm
Sanctus Kaine
Thanks for the purchase! biggrin
Albuquerque Boiled Turkey Report | 03/22/2022 8:53 am
Albuquerque Boiled Turkey
amorremanet Report | 02/22/2022 1:20 pm
Love your avi! heart
tsunderesharks Report | 10/22/2021 3:27 am
stumbled across your profile! just wanted to say hello from california too! heart
Vika_The_Kat Report | 08/22/2021 5:26 pm
heart Thank you
Jiynn Report | 08/22/2021 3:50 pm
I would love to be your friend! I need to keep my friends list lively too >.< Let's get along well emotion_yatta
Jiynn Report | 08/19/2021 2:48 pm
Thanks for bidding! Congratulations, enjoy your item, please come again emotion_bigheart
Ghost of CAPT Report | 12/27/2019 2:13 pm
Ghost of CAPT
O hai o:
sheskull creator Report | 09/26/2018 12:00 pm
sheskull creator
heart thank you for buying
fleur tea Report | 09/13/2018 8:06 pm
fleur tea
you're welcome~!