The fifteenth of these Avatar Tales thingys!

Behold! The second female member of the G-Team Space Ninja Team.. Purple G-Team Ranger! The latest addition to the G-Team Space Ninja line up joins her comrades in arms, the Pink, Green, Blue, Red, and Black Ninja Rangers.

She took forever to come up with. I had a vague idea that I wanted a second female member of the group but wasn't sure if it should be Purple or Yellow. Ultimately the nifty background that was given out as part of the Child of Eden promotion decided for me. The colors go well and I think it gives her a certain cosmic/sci-fi/techy feel. I was pretty surprised at how well the shoulder pads layered with the chest piece too.


G-Team Space Ninja Ranger Purple

From the very edge of our galaxy comes the G-Team Space Ninja Purple! Arguably the most intelligent of the G-Team Space Ninja Ranges, Purple spends most o her time at the very edges of reality, exploring and creating many of technological innovations her team mates utilize. Aided in her exploratory and inventive work by a bevy of bleeding edge tech artificial life forms she brings her inquisitive and intellectual might to battle any who threaten the universes peace! Now, adorned with Nebula Armor and twin daggers forged within the heart of a dying star, the Purple Space Ninja joins her less scientifically minded G-Team Space Ninja Ranger team mates in their defense of Gaia!

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