The twelfth of these Avatar Tales thingys!

This time it's the Green G-Team Ranger, the latest member of the G-Team Space Ninja Rangers! Prior to now we've also seen the Blue, Red, and Black Ninja Rangers. I had a hard time with this as there aren't many green items or accessories. I toyed with using Titans Legacy, but it just wasn't what I wanted. I'm kind of happy with how he turned out, but I wish I could have done some more with him.


G-Team Space Ninja Ranger Green

Drawing his strength from the forests of an unknown world, G-Team Space Ninja Ranger Green joins his companions in their defense of Gaia! With wings of verdant green, mystical ancient moss covered stone gauntlets he turns his mithral axe against all those would threaten nature and all that is good! The ranks of our henshin heroes swell with this emerald addition!

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