My eighth of the avatar tales thingys! I was playing around with some of the items I received over the Holidays and my Birthday and cranked this steam powered automaton out.


Mechano Mk. I

While the Japanese focused on enhancing humans with steam and "aether" powered mechanics, such as in the case of Kuwabatake Sanjuro, the countries of the West, notably Brittania and Americana, instead turned their attention towards creating a fully automynous artificial being, powered through a combination of steam and the mysterious element known only as "aether". Mechano Mk. I was the result of their combined labors. It is the prototype for what many hope will be a wide range of fully autonymous beings, designed to supplement or replace humans in the areas of combat, mining, heavy industry and more.

The Mechano Mk. I's features include a crude form of self awarness and independent thought through an experimental electric brain, the ability to communicate through radio waves via the head mounted array, which also doubles as a limited self defense weapon via static electrical discharge, enhanced strength, a theoretically limitless power supply and more. Sadly at this stage in it's development the Mechano Mk. I is incapable of fully acting on it's own due to frequent break downs caused by over heating and short circuits in the electric brain. Still, it is hoped that later revisions and models will be freed from the prototypes limitations.

It's also worth noting that due to the limited form of self awarness, certain segments of the population have begun rabble rousing and pressuring the governments of the two nations to recognize it as an independent life form. It's a debate that rages on to this day and is the key reason why they've yet to creat a Mechano Mk. II.

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