The fourteenth of these Avatar Tales thingys!

It's time for the unveiling of the latest member of the G-Team Space Ninja Team.. Pink G-Team Ranger! The first female member of the team joins the line up of Green, Blue, Red, and Black Ninja Rangers. I had been wanting to create her ever since the release of the free Gender Bender potions but had a hell of a time coming up with an interesting look for her. I initially had planned on using the pink scarf or bow and arrow pose from the Diapered Egg, but sadly the pink in that item was a noticeably different shade and the bow had some layering issues. After a long while I finally found the right mixture of items and here we go! She may not be quite as unique looking as I had originally intended, but I'm still happy with how she turned out. I


G-Team Space Ninja Ranger Pink

Even in the cold depths of space love and passion still burn fiercely, and nowhere do these virtues burn brighter than in the heart of G-Team Space Ninja Pink! With her Passion Rose Rapier she pierces through the darkness in the hearts and minds of her enemies before soaring away on her Angelic Winglets! Her aura of Love and Hope lifts the souls of the downtrodden and helps to bolster her fellow G-Team Space Ninjas morale in even the most dire of circumstances!

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