scream DAMMIT!! What a horrible couple days. Halloween is suppose to be fun, why is it so damn stressful?? I thought it was going to be wonderful!! Hell, when I heard Angela was coming too I was just dancing for joy rofl How could it get any better?? The cute friend going to the masquarade, where I can introduce my friend who I never seen in a while. Only, it never worked out that way. Stephen got sick from lack of sleep 4laugh okay, that part was my fault. But it's not what you think, we only cuddled!! And yeah, Angela showed up alright.... with Will. He was acting sketchy around passing cops; A girl complimented his costume, later accidentally bumped into him, and he got pissed and refused to be in the same room as her because she was 'all over him'; Angela ignored me completely all night; and then at the end complained about how I'm never around anymore!! Later I found out she's been complaining to EVERYBODY about the amount of time I've been spending with Stephen.... I've seen him only once this month!!

Oh yes, she also showed up late, cranky, and only went to buy weed from a friend that was going that usually sells but didn't have any. And then she threw a fit!! Screw that, I don't need that sh*t!! Oh yes, and then I got a killer migraine lasting until now, and I'm getting confused about my own emotions. It's getting late and I have to much to do, later!!