My, how the time flies. Actually, I only say that to cover up my laziness and not having written a journal entry in two and a half months. Already, today has been the last class day of my third quarter, and finals start on Monday. Holy crow! A whole quarter has gone by without an entry! Well, let’s see if I can sum things up here.

First off, I’ve taken a part time job working at the school’s library. Basically, I sort out books and things, and sometimes I get to help people out with their research. I haven’t been there long, only a few weeks, but it’s rather tiring and cuts into my “me time” some. Still, I’m excited about it, and maybe it will lead to other prospects down the road.

My classes have all gone well, for the most part. Gaia History turned out to be quite interesting. One day we even threw a little party where we each dressed up as some historical figure. I went as the famous Shogun Ichikaru, the 5th century ruler who liked to dress up as a bird woman to mingle among the commoners. And, I won a prize in the costume contest they held! Woot!

The burn on my arm has healed very nicely, thanks to some medical gaiamantics at the clinic. Yeah, I had a little mishap during a Defensive Gaiamancy class. Our instructor paired us up as sparring partners. So, one time I let a fireball phasing get a little too close. It wasn’t too bad, though. And, of course, I’ve sent a few people to that same clinic, myself. Um…not that I’m proud of that really. They were mostly accidents, but I suppose it shows I have the potential to be dangerous.

I’ve still got Dr. Doby’s gaiamantic lens ring thing-a-ma-bob, and I’ve been using it more, outside of class, of course. Otherwise, I might have killed somebody! Heh heh, No, I’m just kidding. I’m actually performing quite well with it now. Sure, there were a few problems at first. Dr. Doby never warned me that the ring’s fire conductivity was a bit unstable. When I mentioned it to him, he admitted that several fires spontaneously ignited durring his initial testing, and they happened at quite a distance from his lab. One of these fires occurred in the middle of my physics class! I wish he had told me all this before I incinerated my neighbor’s tree. Luckily, I was able to grow him a new one, but it kind of came out looking like that shopkeeper at the Durem Depot.

And once again, I’m thankful to have survived another quarter of Mr. Horitt with only a few minor bruises to my ego. It hasn’t been easy having to go through Mr. Horitt to get to Dr. Doby, but only he seems to be able to contact him.

I’ve been noticing that Mr. Silvette a lot lately, the man who seemingly took over Dr. Doby’s position. He teaches the doctor’s classes, but some people I’ve talked to say he’s a bit of a joke. Apparently, Mr. Silvette isn’t very knowledgeable about his subjects, and basically teaches straight from the textbook. The guy’s a little creepy, too. One night, I had to find a book for him at the library. As I handed it over to him, he seemed rather preoccupied by my hand. He made some kind of comment about the indentation around my ring finger. That does worry me, I must say.

Oh. There is one other thing that has come about this quarter. My friend, Eric, found himself a girlfriend. Do I have to tell you it isn’t me? She’s some musician he met while out preforming at a party. Her name is Joan, or Jane. I dunno. I don’t really want to know. But, it sure does hurt, especially after how close we seemed to be getting. Well…whatever. I have to go study now.