Yesterday was the second day of week one. I started my second level of Practical Gaiamancy. We’ll be learning lots of advanced techniques in this class. For instance, our instructor, Mr. Bellacani, says he will be showing us how to imbue inanimate objects with elemental properties. If you’ve ever seen a flame sword, imbuement is the process used to make them…well…flame. Depending on the field conductivity of the gaiamancer, and the materials used, it can take several days to permanently imbue an object. Also, some materials will accept certain elementals more than others. For example, imbuing a piece of wood with fire enery can prove to be quite a challenge, but it can be done.

My next class gives me shivers just thinking about it. Advanced Field Manipulation will teach more complex concepts of engery dynamics. I had a hard enough time with the introductory course, so I’m not looking forward to this. And, you guessed it, Mr. Horitt returns to reprise his role as my tormentor. Actually, after what happened in his office the other week, Mr. Horitt seems a bit more managable. Sitting next to me yesterday, Dottie didn’t seem to notice any change however. Maybe I’m just growing a thicker skin.