Yes! Third quarter classes started today! It’s been a long break and now I’m itching to improve my skills through formal ciricular education activities! Actually, I think it’s all the chocolate candy I ate talking, but we’ll see how long my enthusiasm lasts. My first class, Gaia History, is off to a good start. We talked about Marius the elder who, in the 2nd century A.D., developed the first principles of gaiamancy. Before then, there were only a few special people who posessed any gaiamantic abilities, and very little was known about how it all worked. These people were revered by kings and called upon to perform many types of services. It was later, that Marius the younger began passing on his older counterpart's teachings on gaiamancy. Soon, teaching institutions began turning up all over. As the number of gaiamancers increased, however, the people’s trust in them began to wane. More and more people saw gaiamancers as dangerous and malicious wrong-doers. This sentiment eventually led to the Urtarian Uprising in 588 A.D., which many cite as the start of the gaiamantic dark ages. I can’t wait to read more about this. I love history!

My second class, turned out to be even more interesting. Defensive Gaiamancy deals with using our abilities to protect ourselves in a skirmish. I find it rather ironic to be talking about gaiamancers fighting battles just after a class where we just talked about gaiamancers being judged unfairly as violent thugs. Still, I suppose it never hurts to be prepared for any circumstance. I just hope I’ll never really need to use it.