This morning I got sick. ( Ewwww ... ) and had to stay home. This really sucks, you know why? Because me and T-Mix were supposed to hang out today!

Me and T-Mix never get to hang out because his group is so clingy. They don't like me much ( especially his girlfriend ) and they certainly don't want him around me. He doesn't care much though and neither do I. So, we finally got a chance to hang out, and then I had to GO GET SICK. Wtf is up with THAT fate?!

Anyways, today was pretty boring. Mostly slept... had another one of my wierd dreams that I can't really remember... got up, ate lunch, then watched Eureka Seven all day. This is the only chance I'll probably get to, since I'M GROUNDED AGAIN!

Good god, my Media Arts teacher just had to call and let my parents know I failed. Couldn't wait until my report card got in, noooope... But maybe that's what they do when you fail. Does that mean I passed everything else? I sure hope so. Anyways, now I'm grounded off the computer again. Oh well, this just means more sneaking on. At least I'm not grounded from going to see my friends ...

... I wonder if ToA night is this weekend? Sheru's been pestering 1990 about it, and apparently it's really annoying him. It'd really annoy me too, probably. It couldn't be at my house anyways on account of my brother's birthday this Saturday, and 1990 says too many people to be at his house. It'd have to be at Sheru's or Choco's again. I still hope it happens, I'll be REALLY bored otherwise ... and besides, I do wanna see everyone again really badly... last time was the most fun I've had in a very very long time. -sigh-

Oh, so anyways, went to Churchill's yesterday. THAT PLACE IS SO AMAZING. x__x It gives off such a vibe of high-class... you get the feeling of royalty just from eating there, lol. There was the most amazing live pianist there, and she was so nice too. The ribs were the best I've ever tasted in my life, although it was pretty rare and that might be why I got sick. >_<;; I don't handle meats very well sometimes, especially pork... but this does not mean I'm gonna be a vegetarian!

Anyways, that's all I guess. I wonder if I should give FFXII another shot today... even if Vaan is the lamest excuse of a Final Fantasy hero I've ever seen. But hey, maybe I'm jumping to conclusions and just need to play more.. he might even grow on me, but still. >_>; Oh well, I guess that's all for now.