If you read that title and are now going, "WTF" ... just to let you know, you read it right. >_>

Me and Shika were playing ToA today ( which by the way, I got her into! MWAHAHA! ) and then Ion comes in, and I'm all, "Awww, look, it's Ion!" and then she's all, "Oh, what's she doing anyways?" so then I'm just, "Lol Ion's a guy." ... "... WHAT?"

Yeah, but Ion is so cute. How can you disagree? I mean, when we watched the part where he was all, "LUKE YOU'RE SO NICE." and then that, "You're going to protect me?! Sir Luke, I'm so moved!" Me and Shika just melted into a puddle of cute-induced cuteness.

Then we decided that we wanted to eat Ion. With gravy, potatoes, chocolate, and preferably sprinkles. That is because Ion is adorably edible.

... but you know, even then, Sync is still cuter. In a really bad-a** way. No one beats Sync, and that's why I'm the Sync and Luke fangirl, she's the Jade fangirl, we're both sharing Ion, and then Azzy is the Asch fangirl.

SHIPPUU RAISENBU! ... God I'm such a nerd. P: I love it. ( P.S. why do I always write these things at like four in the morning? ... I should probably get sleep... )