Ahhh, the day of love... I dislike it. >_>

Well, okay, it's not that I dislike it totally.. I just dislike it at the moment because that sort of day reminds me how much of a loser I am. Maybe not a way to put it, but that's what came to mind.

It was pretty uneventful anyways. Like a normal day except for my lunch at Churchill's with my dad ( That made me happy. T__T ) and then the chocolate my mom bought for me. ^^;; ( That made me happy too! <3 ) I had archery that night but they didn't have any right-hand bows there at the moment so I needed to leave until next week. -_- Oh well. I think I'm going to try to learn how to use a recurve.

So, tomorrow is ToA night. ^^ I'm so glad. I was so so bored all week waiting for it to arrive. Unfortunately Azzy and Mason can't come because Ricky and Sheldon didn't want more people, but... -sigh- That's the way it's gotta be I guess. I didn't want too many people myself, I just wanted Azzy to meet them and understand how much fun they are. >_< Each week she listens to me retell what happen and expresses no interest because she doesn't know or care about what I'm talking about. Mason kinda just.. invited himself. o__o;; Well, he asked to come and I said I'd see. x_x He can't now I guess.

You know, I'm a little suspicious about whether or not they actually want to go because they kept making up excuses about how they were getting there and stuff, but ... Ricky said they really did want to come, and they were probably just being cautious so I should stop being so damned paranoid all the time. But can anyone blame me? Well, maybe so, maybe I just need to be more trusting sometimes. What's funny about me is that I'm quick to trust but also quick to doubt.

Either way, I'm glad they're coming. I hope everyone has a great time... my house can be a little boring sometimes.