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These are the records of certain occurrences and musings in my life. It is probably not of much importance to you, unless you enjoy being a sleuth or have some vague interest in listening to me prattle about my flavour-of-the-month.

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Azure Starwish Report | 07/30/2020 6:32 am
Azure Starwish
Yeaaaah the inflation is absolutely ridiculous. I collect the daily reward, and do alot of browsing and posting, so I have a bit, but it took a while to get here. It's so dumb. And of course, I'm so picky about my items... So I never spend my gold. Lol
Azure Starwish Report | 07/27/2020 5:10 am
Azure Starwish
You've also got 123 pages of comments.

W h a t
Azure Starwish Report | 07/27/2020 5:09 am
Azure Starwish

You introduced me to this abomination two weeks after we met. Lmao

Can't forget Aljooo. MVP

And thank youuu heart Yours is cute too! I'll have to show you some of the designs I got stashed away once I get my items transfered between my accounts.
Azure Starwish Report | 07/25/2020 6:26 pm
Azure Starwish
i switched accounts

back on my originalll

i'm back y a l l
Fynellen Report | 06/26/2020 7:41 am
W. H. A. T.
Fynellen Report | 05/06/2020 7:18 pm

I'm bored. UGH
Magical Kirey Report | 01/27/2017 8:31 pm
Magical Kirey
Actually I got most of those from plying change items, as one shots. Just when they go on sale I'll buy one and usually I get something cool. I think its fun to do that sometimes!
Magical Kirey Report | 01/24/2017 5:21 pm
Magical Kirey
I love it! Thank you! Also your's is looking pretty awesome too!
Magical Kirey Report | 01/21/2017 10:05 pm
Magical Kirey
Love it/ wanted it!!! Thank you! heart
Magical Kirey Report | 09/22/2016 9:35 pm
Magical Kirey
Perfect, just drop me a line about a week before you come back!


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Brrittany, almost 30, about 5'3". I like goth music and culture a lot, but I wouldn't really consider myself to be in it since I don't dress the part. I play video games, mostly japanese developed, since I'm kind of a weeb.

I have a cat named Percival, or Percy for short, and I adore him.

I'm bluntly honest a lot of the times, some weird mix of cynical and naive, I probably act too young for my age, and I don't exactly have my s**t together.