This is an RP you may simply jump into, and play in.
This is after Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

His long, black hair is in a ponybraid that reaches an inch above the floor.
His skin is milky white.
His irises are golden, and glittering, with his sclera black.
The barely pubescent boy stares with his jaw lowered at a circus troupe in practice through an opening in the tent. The varying aerial artists are about the tent. Fortunately, they're using nets, as there's some roughhousing ongoing on side of practice.
The boy's all black, robed attire is a sharp contrast with the performers' colorful, and form-hugging outfits.

The boy turns, looking at a class of uniformed girls looking back his way, some of them giggling as they walk by. They just finished watching a performance in another tent.
Blushing, he turns back to watching the aerial artists.
One girl whispers to another within earshot, "I heard he's the new emperor."
He thus thinks out loud, "If I'm the emperor, the empire's dissolved."
An Imperial officer, as she walks up to the boy, "I'm afraid it's more like being a hood ornament, you're not in charge besides in name. Just sit on the throne, and look cute."
"I'd much rather be a king of a small nation on a wild space planet."
"Yet, you are the Emperor of the Galactic Empire."
"The only throne I'm interested in sitting on is the pilot's chair in my ship."
"We took that away. There will be no running away."