I've been introduced to a style of writing that's probably a better idea when you don't know if you're going to commit to the story.
It's also easier to write, and it makes it so you can write multiple things happening at the same time.

You put a - at the beginning for information, such as character descriptions.
-DarkHamlet: 33yo. Female. Etc.

You put an * when it's the story pieces, clearly saying who is doing what, like a script.
If multiple people are doing things, you write each one in turn like a paragraph with a - inbetween to indicate it's different people.

I saw Yari Devil doing this, even with sharing it. Mind you, Yari Devil is 13, but I like the writing style, as it has no room for confusion about who looks like what, and who is doing what.

I think it's based off note taking in a classroom.