((The canon characters were controlled by tarot.))

A literally white-skinned, golden-haired, gray-eyed, square-faced petite woman looking to be in youth of 5' tall, with a bob is in a leotard with medium, salmon pink, floral lace over light, salmon pink in a twin, top bunk with black, and red bedding.
She takes a pair of red glasses from her bunk's top, headboard shelf, putting them on before sitting up.
The young woman crawls to the ladder, and climbs down.
There's a cat sleeping on the matching bottom bunk, an ocicat.
She enters a walk-in closet, and grabs an almond white, long-sleeved, cropped top, putting it on, followed by red, wide-legged, utility cargo overalls.
Now wearing white, toed, sneakers; she enters a garage to a very large, red tool chest, and an unfinished, stealth starfighter with parts awaiting placement within it.
She picks up an electronic tablet off the tool chest, and turns it on to a list of things to do in finishing the starfighter.
As she's preparing to add a part to the starfighter, a 5' 10" man with balding, gray hair enters the garage in a Starfleet Academy instructor uniform, "I knew you'd be busying yourself. Graduation is in an hour, Klein."
Klein respond, "I thought it was tomorrow."
The man shakes his head.
Thus, the scene changes to Klein at graduation with her ocicat in her arms, wearing a therapy animal collar.

Klein is doing a repair in engineering, as her ocicat watches, swaying her tail.
She's in a red dress uniform, and the ocicat's tagged, therapy cat collar is red.
Scotty enters the scene, seeing the cat.
He cracks his knuckles from one hand to the other, looking at the machinery being worked on.
As Scotty joins her, "I didn't know we have collars;" and, Klein sneezes, not once, but twice.
Keenser pets the ocicat as Scotty observes them.

Klein is sitting on a patient table as Bones scans her while Keenser, whom is being scanned with the other hand on a neighboring patient table, says, "She's in heat, isn't she?"
Bones gives Klein a shot without a word.
Klein turns into a dark blue male with pointy ears, and a tail. His eyes bioluminescent, and yellow.
Keenser: "Don't give me whatever that is."
Klein begins smiling toothily.
Bones approaches Keenser with a shot next, causing Keenser to exclaim at Scotty, "He's trying to make me a human!"

Scotty is watching a replicator create a men's redshirt uniform, "