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Intro Song:

In a U.S.S. Stargazer quarters, the boy Vulcan Eshikh is looking at his reflection in a hologram mirror.
His vividly orange hair reaches his mid-heels, with it's top tri-French-braided back into one braid. There's a stargazer lily ponytail holder where the French braids converge into one. It's petals pierced with golden rings in the piercings attaching golden coins with stargazer lilies on them.
His skin is albino white. His irises are dark brown. And, his ears are pointed.
He stands at 4' 10" tall, and is lanky.
Vulcan's wearing a sleeveless, orange, maxi, cargo coat with a stargazer lily embroidered on the back. It's over a green, robe-topped, wide-leg-cargo-pants-bottomed suit that's v-rendering top ties shut. That's in turn over a green, long-sleeved turtleneck with orange fishnets over it, and Vs on the backs of his hands, pointing at his middle fingers. He also has an orange belt on; and, orange, knee-high, skater shoes.
Vulcan's voice is
tenor, "Computer. Play Fergie's Fergalicious."
Vulcan dances to the song, watching his reflection, singing along.

A golden-bobbed, albino-white-skinned, gray-eyed woman of 5' 2" in a golden, head engineer's uniform appears in the reflection behind Vulcan, causing him to jump.
Vulcan: "Mama! Do you like my new outfit?"
Mieszka Skarb's a soprano, "Go into the lounge while I clean your room."
He heads out of his Lego-covered quarters into a neighboring lounge.
Mieszka picks up, and looks at a stealth starfighter Vulcan made for his Legos, "Computer. End hologram mirror."
She begins singing along with Fergalicious, and starts to lightly dance as she cleans.

Myo has short, black hair; yellow eyes; pale skin; pointed ears; and, a prehensile tail. He is a hairless Caitian. A fit one that stands 5' tall.
Myo is wearing a golden security uniform.
He comes across Vulcan in the lounge, and thinks, "I've never seen hair so long... She probably has extensions."
The lounge has very large windows that view space. It's furnished with sofas, and coffee tables.
Vulcan: "I'm a boy."
Myo is visibly embarrassed, and takes a moment before responding verbally in a tenor voice, "Sorry."
Vulcan: "I usually ignore others' thoughts, but that was about myself. And, you called me a girl."
Myo: "I couldn't tell your gender."
Vulcan: "My shoulders will broaden with age. Then, people won't make that mistake anymore."
Mieszka enters the lounge, "What mistake?"
Vulcan: "I look like a girl."
Mieszka wonders if her son is actually desiring a haircut, "Do you dislike this?"
She notices Myo, starting to blush because he's handsome.

Mieszka's pin communicates to her in a deep man's voice, "Miss Skarb, a food replicator is adding unsweetened chocolate to everything."
Vulcan: "I don't want a haircut."
Mieszka: "I'm taking you to daycare. I have work to do."
Myo: "Bye."
Mieszka, and Vulcan depart down a hallway.
Myo says with an optimistic smile, and a sway of his tail, "She mixes species."

Mieszka asks her son as they're walking down a hallway, "Was that man bullying you?"
Vulcan: "No. He genuinely thought I was a girl."
Mieszka: "And, did he act weird about that?"
Vulcan: "No. He just thought I was a girl with hair extensions."
They arrive at daycare as Mieszka sighs with relief that her son was safe with a stranger.
Vulcan: "If you distrust the rest of the crew, why do you let me be in the lounge without supervision?"
Mieszka: "It's right next to our bedrooms. I don't want you cooped up in your room all day."
After a pause, Vulcan inquires, "Am I going to live in daycare?"
Mieszka: "No. School starts tomorrow. I'll see you at lunch."
Mieszka watches him enter the daycare before walking away.

Tashi Chime is a very standard, Bhutanese beauty with a small figure. Her black hair reaches down her back. She's 4' 10" tall, and fit.
She's wearing a pilot's uniform.
Currently, she's washing a black starfighter in Bhutan's space station, in a garage, singing along with Rihanna's Shut Up And Drive.

Tashi drives her starfighter into a garage in the U.S.S. Stargazer, wear she parks it.
The garage door closes.
Tashi exits the starfighter, her hair blowing in the wind of a fan that's being moved into the garage, and turned on.
Myo is staring at her with his mouth open as support personnel turn off the fan, and start moving it out of the garage, telling Myo, "We were setting up in the wrong garage, sorry."
Tashi climbs down a ladder from her starfighter.
Myo: "They sent me to escort you to the bridge. They want to relieve the current pilot immediately. Something about a scratch on the ship."
Tashi: "Did they scrape the station?"
Myo: "I don't know the details. I'm just a security guard."
Tashi: "Why did they send you?"
Myo: "I have no idea."