Happy belated October!
Now, I believe this month is the month of many good things. I was blessed with many lovely surprises around October and I pray it will continue to be so this year too. I am happy that I was able to get off of work for a bit and travel to my home away from home, California <3 Pumpkins galore <3 Pumpkin everything please! <3 This month will be a bit challenging though, work is gonna be hectic starting tomorrow. But I just know that good things are to happen heart Well, lets count my blessings. It's really chilly now! We went from the scorching heat to a lovely cool breezy temperature. I was happy to receive a box of Halloween candies from a friend in Japan <3 I adore Halloween time in Japan! I just hope I can go again next year ; w ;...I have been receiving God's blessing in my job...I have seen his hand move in my workplace in my behalf...and overall my life. I have received many compliments from customers that appreciate the time I take to help them with everything that I can possibly do for them, and my manager and higher ups are very pleased with me. I like to think I'm working for God, and no one else. Without him I wouldn't have received this great job. Lets see what else has been going on in this month so far... >3>;; well, I got many Halloween goodies on the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp game app! xDD Hey, it's an accomplishment! razz Weeellll the month is still passing by and I know much more good things will eventually happen~ n_n <3