Sometimes I wish kids that grew up to be adults would keep their fun spirited selves. Their innocence, what have you may. It broke my heart today to find that a kid I met several years ago in El Salvador, was all grown up, and acting like an adult. He was cute, he was funny as heck. He use to be so loud, he was such a good kid with a loving presence. He was the type of person you can hug so hard and it wouldn't mean you were "interested" in him.

Growing up sucks.

His family moved to Panama, and we reunited after 6 years. That "kid" is now an reserved. He isn't loud anymore, he isn't funny, he is just... A respectful gentleman, and so self centered now. LOL.

Which by all means is great xp

Even his little sister that I would hold in my arms and cuddle with became such a beautiful 18 year old. I would hold her tiny little hand and spoil her back then. She's so serious now, she's the type you can't approach so easily anymore. My heart shattered into a million pieces xDD

I had to leave the room and breathe for a while.

I was just sad sweatdrop what the years do to one, but eh...
I got some growing up to do myself, I guess redface