Exciting things always seem to happen in October for me 4laugh It's always been a special month for me heart The temperature is perfect, nature turns it's back on summer and gives us relieving peace from the scorching heat.The colors, the anticipation of the last remaining months left of the year eek I can't wait for Thanks giving, Christmas and New Years~! whee But no matter what, I am very fond of October. I wasn't born in this month, however i truly wish i was! It would have made it even more special xd But experiencing October itself is a wonder life~ I love remembering driving to Los Angeles to the orange evening skies, going to a friends wedding and going to Disneyland...going to the pumpkin patch, buying insane amounts of candy and decorating my home with the warm colors of brown, orange and gold heart oh and pumpkins of course! I don't celebrate Halloween, but I am all for cute sweet looking Jack o' Lanterns, and cute costumes! I went to Japan on the 22nd of October 2016. I grew to love this month with everything in me. I have more memories I wish to share, but just this little I'd love to write on here sweatdrop I love this month and anticipate the special days God will give me whee