my friend went to a museum of medicine to sketch. so like, she drew heart models and pickled oddities.. and yeah.. ugh.

mentioned it to mom, and she comments, "yeah, i couldn't look, it was too morbid. i could never go to one of those places. (she's a nurse, she's looked at all kinds of gross things) i have a niece in one and i could never go."
"...does she work there?" i ask.
"no, she's in a jar. as a specimen."



"yeah. she was stillborn. she had true turner's."

and i'm floored.

dark family secrets.
i mean, i understand. who wants to talk about that kind of thing?
no one likes talking about dead babies. (i did know that my mom's niece had had a "miscarriage" or lost the baby and that was a dark time in her life, etc etc etc, but no one ever mentioned why the baby had died, or that she was preserved as a medical specimen. whoa. )